Sensory Recognition
Sensory Recognition


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„Sensory Recognition“

Sensory recognition is the ability to interpret and respond to sensory information from the environment. It involves the use of the five senses (sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing) to recognize and identify external stimuli. This ability is essential for understanding the world around us and for making decisions about how to interact with it.

ArkX Laboratories's Logo

ArkX Laboratories

San Jose, United States
11-50 Employees

Sensory Speech Recognition | Custom Wake Word Technologies

... ArkX Labs integrates Sensory advanced speech recognition, natural language understanding, voice biometrics, wake words, facial recognition, and sound identification ...

Sensory's Logo


United States
51-100 Employees

Sensory Boosts Speech Recognition Accuracy 80% by Adding Deep Learning to TrulyHandsfree Platform | Sensory

... commands to cut through real-world noise with Sensory’s industry-leading ultra-low power speech recognition technology. Sensory, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based company focused on improving the user experience and security of consumer electronics through state-of-the-art embedded ...

Sensory Releases Speech Recognition for Children | Sensory
Cork Quality Council's Logo

Cork Quality Council

Forestville, United States
1-10 Employees

Sensory Detection and Recognition of TCA in Various Matrices | Cork Quality Council

... Sensory Detection and Recognition of TCA in Various Matrices | Cork Quality ...

Transparsoft's Logo


Bradenton, United States
11-50 Employees

Tracking and Sales Software for Small Businesses

... Transparsoft’s engineers improve smart home adoption via multitenant programs added with sensory recognition plus speech, language, and computer vision. ...

Learning Tree International School's Logo

Learning Tree International School

Tokyo, Japan
51-100 Employees

Baby Seeds/ - Learning Tree

... Our program is carefully designed to enhance creativity, sensory and sound recognition. As well as these fundamental language skills, we put importance on emotional development and facial expressions. Continuous and close contact with native English speakers will give children new ...

Baby Seeds/ - Learning Tree
Commsignia's Logo


United States
101-250 Employees

Vulnerable Road User Protection » Commsignia

... However, they can be incorporated into these systems passively, through camera or sensory recognition, or by leveraging the newest technologies, such as ultra-wideband. Visit for more details. ...

Vulnerable Road User Protection » Commsignia
OpenScience's Logo


Campinas, Brazil
1-10 Employees

Proposal | OpenScience

... In this work, we used the high resolution mass spectrometry technique (Waters Xevo G2-XS QTOF) to provide sensory evaluations and recognition of commercial coffee blends at an operating cost of R$ 10.00 per sample (variable costs). ...

zCon Solutions Pvt Ltd's Logo

zCon Solutions Pvt Ltd

Pune, India
51-100 Employees

Internet of things - Crafting Quality Technovative

... Our engineers increase smart home adoption through custom; multitenant platforms empowered with sensory recognition as well as language, speech, and computer vision. ...

Internet of things - Crafting Quality Technovative
Vending Lab Technologies's Logo

Vending Lab Technologies

11-50 Employees

Icealice - Vending Lab Technologies

... This robotic cafe communicates and interacts with the customer using humanoid mannequin’s recognition and sensory tools throughout the entire process until the collection of the product selected by the customer. ...

ClassMonitor's Logo


Indore, India

Brain Development Activities for Infants | Best Gift Box for Newborn Babies - ClassMonitor

... engaging sensory motor and cognitive development material like high contrast flash cards, pattern recognition activities, sensory stimulation activities, velcro board etc. There are milestone cards and keepsake cards that will help you record beautiful memories with your little one. ...

Brain Development Activities for Infants | Best Gift Box for Newborn Babies - ClassMonitor