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Tamaton's Logo


Chesterfield, United States

11-50 Employees


Core business

Swarm Intelligence

... Swarm Intelligence ...

Unmanned Experts Inc.'s Logo

Unmanned Experts Inc.

Denver, United States

11-50 Employees


We provide the rare capability to originate and conduct research, development, testing, and evaluation (RDT&E) of unmanned technologies, develop working Concepts of Operation (CONOPs) and then field them operationally. Change is the only thing that is consistent, the world is ever evolving, the only question is whether we will be part of the change or be left behind. Leading America’s pursuit of technological superiority thru the synthesis of autonomous robotics, swarms and extensible air traffic management. Unmanned Experts is a top notch team of professionals. Our human-swarm platform offers various products keeping you connected with all of your air-domain assets in real time. Advanced R&D into trusted AI and human swarm interfaces.


Swarm Artificial Intelligence (AI)

... Swarm Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Unmanned ...

Swarm Intelligence LLC's Logo

Swarm Intelligence LLC

Nokomis, United States

1-10 Employees


Our mission is to enable our clients to successfully augment human intelligence with machine intelligence. We are also different in two other important ways. Swarm Intelligence (SI) was founded in 2017 as a Delaware-registered, veteran-owned limited liability corporation. SI offers a SaaS Platform that enables affinity communities, public/private, and public/public partnerships (PPP) to harness advanced innovation and collaboration technologies to address the challenges and opportunities encompassing Homeland Security’s 16 critical infrastructure sectors. This is the problem Swarm Intelligence® has been designed to solve: better enabling public and private organizations to seamlessly work together to use their respective strengths and off-set their respective shortcomings to fulfill their potential to meet the pressing challenges confronting us today. Our platform uses trusted and monitored member and content verification and permission-based protocols harnessing advanced yet proven cognitive computing and predictive intelligence. Intelligent tools provide access to human and data resources within and beyond organizational boundaries. Enables teams to discover and associate with peers and subject matter experts in a controlled access environment to asynchronously collaborate on critically important innovation gaps, problems and opportunities.

Core business

A Profile of Swarm Intelligence LLC

... A Profile of Swarm Intelligence ...

Spectosphere's Logo


Vienna, Austria

1-10 Employees


Markets seem to be complex, unpredictable and sometimes chaotic. Understanding the swarm intelligence and mass psychology inherent in the market is the key to improve the performance of trading. Artificial Intelligence helps to crunch big data, recognize patterns and reveal similarities human beings would never be able to spot. Spectosphere´s AI system is biologically constrained and self-learning. Autonomous trading eliminates human errors, hot blood and emotions.

Core business

Spectosphere - Home

... Swarm Augmented Artificial Intelligence ...

FARobot's Logo


New Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 Employees


Founded in Taipei by World's largest electronics manufacturer FOXCONN and edge computing leader ADLINK, FARobot inherited FOXCONN's manufacturing big data and ADLINK's industrial insight into Swarm Autonomy solution and productized within only 2 years since founded. FARobot was founded to address pain points in industrial intralogistics processes, including High-Mix-Low-Volume (HMLV) demands and complex workflows involving humans, robots, and equipment.

Core business



Cosmiq Universe AG's Logo

Cosmiq Universe AG


11-50 Employees


Core business

Our avatars are emotional collective swarm intelligences active in Social life community - Music production - NFT’s - Movie - Global light shows - Public events - AI Visit our avatar characters Aya Stellar Leya Love [email protected]

... are emotional collective swarm intelligences active in Social life ...

Intelligent Systems Development Alliance's Logo

Intelligent Systems Development Alliance

United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


We are developing artificial swarm intelligence which will be used to solve mathematical and optimization problems. The daily business of ISDA is run by our directors and colleagues. We are building NEXUS, a new foundational AI that is designed to achieve 100% accuracy when processing complex math problems. Now some of the industry’s leading AI experts are warning that AI could be dangerous, that it could be used by bad actors to harm us. We believe that AI has the power to do good, and that its ascent will be incredibly beneficial to humanity. We believe that this form of AI can be the pathway to creating benevolent artificial general intelligence, bringing mankind into a new golden era. Sponsors are invited to provide guidance on policy.

Core business

We are building a new foundational AI architecture based on artificial swarm intelligence to solve complex mathematical problems:

... based on artificial swarm intelligence to solve complex ...

LOC AG's Logo


Zurich, Switzerland

1-10 Employees


LOC bietet erprobte Lösungen rund um Standortfragen und Positionierungen: in der Standortförderung, bei der Arealentwicklung und in strategischen Führungsfragen.

Core business

We call it swarm intelligence

... We call it swarm intelligence ...

BigDipper Exploration Technologies's Logo

BigDipper Exploration Technologies


1-10 Employees


We are developing Modular & Autonomous Robots which will accelerate a thriving lunar economy. We are enabling access to two critical things, Lunar Surface Data and Lunar Resources to help develop necessary infrastructure for identification & excavation of critical resources on the Lunar surface.​ Resources like water-ice are critical to build a sustainable presence in Space. We’ll offer Payload, Data, Infrastructure and Mining services on the Lunar surface for our clients.

Core business

Swarm Intelligence

... Swarm Intelligence ...

Booksmart's Logo


Singapore, Singapore

11-50 Employees



Swarm Intelligence

... Swarm Intelligence– ...

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Things to know about Swarm Intelligence

What is Swarm Intelligence?

Swarm intelligence refers to the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems, natural or artificial. The concept is rooted in the biological studies of insects, birds, and other animals that exhibit a form of collective intelligence, enabling them to solve complex problems through simple interactions among their individuals. In the realm of technology, this principle is applied to develop algorithms and computational models inspired by the natural swarm behaviors, enhancing problem-solving and optimization processes. The impact of swarm intelligence is particularly significant in fields such as robotics, where it informs the design of autonomous robots capable of collective decision-making and adaptive learning, without centralized control. Similarly, in optimization tasks, algorithms influenced by swarm intelligence, like particle swarm optimization and ant colony optimization, have been successfully applied to tackle complex problems ranging from logistics and scheduling to network design. The decentralized nature of swarm intelligence offers robustness, scalability, and flexibility, making it a powerful tool in developing systems that require distributed problem-solving capabilities. This approach not only mimics the efficiency found in nature but also opens up new avenues for innovation in technology, offering solutions that are more resilient and adaptable to changing environments.

Advantages of Swarm Intelligence

1. Enhanced Problem-Solving Capabilities
Swarm intelligence leverages the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems, often leading to more efficient problem-solving strategies than those devised by a single entity or a centrally organized group. This approach mimics natural phenomena, where groups like ant colonies or bird flocks solve complex problems through simple interactions.

2. Flexibility and Scalability
One of the standout features of swarm intelligence is its inherent flexibility and scalability. Systems based on this principle can easily adapt to changes in the environment or task requirements without the need for extensive reprogramming or intervention. This adaptability makes swarm intelligence particularly suitable for dynamic or unpredictable environments.

3. Robustness and Fault Tolerance
Swarm intelligence systems are remarkably robust and fault-tolerant. Since they rely on the collective contributions of many individuals, the failure of a few does not significantly impact the overall performance. This characteristic ensures that swarm-based solutions can maintain functionality even in the face of individual failures or errors, providing a level of reliability that is hard to achieve with centralized systems.

How to select right Swarm Intelligence supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Experience and Expertise in Swarm Intelligence
Ensure the supplier has a proven track record in developing and implementing swarm intelligence solutions across various industries. Their portfolio should demonstrate versatility and innovation.

2. Customization Capabilities
The supplier should offer customizable solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives. Flexibility in adapting their technology to your requirements is crucial.

3. Scalability
Evaluate if the supplier's solutions can scale according to your project's growth. The technology should support expansion without significant performance degradation.

4. Support and Maintenance
Check the level of ongoing support and maintenance services offered. Reliable technical support is essential for addressing any issues promptly.

5. Security Measures
Assess the security protocols the supplier has in place to protect your data and ensure the integrity of the swarm intelligence applications.

6. Cost-Effectiveness
Consider the overall cost of implementing their solutions, including any hidden fees. The supplier should offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality or performance.

7. Reviews and References
Look for testimonials or case studies from previous clients to gauge the supplier's reliability and effectiveness in delivering successful swarm intelligence solutions.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Swarm Intelligence?

Swarm intelligence, drawing inspiration from the natural world, particularly the behavior of colonies like ants and bees, has found its way into various B2B applications, demonstrating the power of collective decision-making and problem-solving. Supply Chain Optimization In the logistics and supply chain sector, swarm intelligence algorithms optimize routing and scheduling tasks. By simulating the foraging behavior of ants, these algorithms find the most efficient routes for delivery and distribution, significantly reducing costs and improving timeliness. Predictive Maintenance Manufacturing industries leverage swarm intelligence for predictive maintenance. Sensors embedded in machinery use swarm-based algorithms to predict failures by analyzing data patterns collectively. This approach minimizes downtime and extends the lifespan of equipment, ensuring continuous production flow. Energy Management In energy management, swarm intelligence aids in balancing and optimizing energy distribution in smart grids. By emulating swarm behavior, systems can autonomously adjust the flow of electricity to where it's needed most, enhancing efficiency and sustainability. Financial Market Analysis The finance sector utilizes swarm intelligence for market analysis and prediction. Algorithms model the collective behavior of market participants, identifying trends and making investment decisions more accurate and dynamic. Each of these use cases underscores the versatility and efficiency of swarm intelligence in solving complex, dynamic problems across industries, showcasing its potential to revolutionize B2B operations.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Swarm Intelligence

Swarm intelligence, a facet of artificial intelligence inspired by the collective behavior of social colonies, such as ants and bees, currently hovers around the TRL 4 to 5 spectrum. This classification is grounded in the technology's successful demonstration in controlled environments, where algorithms simulate decentralized, self-organized systems for problem-solving and optimization tasks. The progression to these levels is substantiated by technical advancements that enable swarm intelligence systems to perform specific functions, like optimizing routes for logistics and enhancing search algorithms, under laboratory conditions or limited real-world scenarios. However, the leap to higher TRLs is hampered by several technical challenges. These include the complexity of scaling these systems for broader, more complex applications, ensuring reliability and predictability in dynamic environments, and integrating with existing technological infrastructures. Moreover, there's an ongoing need to develop more sophisticated models that can emulate the nuanced behaviors of natural swarms with greater accuracy and efficiency. The current TRL reflects a phase where the potential of swarm intelligence is recognized and demonstrated in constrained settings, yet requires further research, development, and real-world testing to fully harness its capabilities across a wider range of applications.

What is the Technology Forecast of Swarm Intelligence?

In the Short-Term, swarm intelligence is poised to revolutionize the efficiency of small-scale robotics and drones. The immediate focus is on enhancing collaborative behaviors in constrained environments, such as warehouse management and precision agriculture. Innovations will likely include improved algorithms for pathfinding and obstacle avoidance, enabling groups of robots to work together more seamlessly and adapt to dynamic changes in their environment. The Mid-Term phase is expected to witness the integration of swarm intelligence into broader applications like traffic management and emergency response systems. This period will see significant advancements in communication protocols and decision-making algorithms, allowing for the orchestration of large swarms with minimal human intervention. The emphasis will be on creating robust, scalable systems capable of real-time data analysis and autonomous decision-making, dramatically improving the efficiency and responsiveness of various public services. Looking further ahead, the Long-Term prospects for swarm intelligence include the development of self-organizing nano-robots for medical applications, such as targeted drug delivery and precision surgery. These advancements will leverage breakthroughs in materials science and miniaturization technology, enabling swarms of nano-robots to work together at an unprecedented scale and precision. This era of swarm intelligence promises to usher in a new age of medical treatments, characterized by minimal invasiveness and highly personalized therapies.

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