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Courbevoie, France

1-10 Employees


Core business

OSP Solutions - Telecommunications, Consulting

... OSP Solutions - Telecommunications, Consulting ...

nehCon Telecommunication & IT Consulting's Logo

nehCon Telecommunication & IT Consulting

Dusseldorf, Germany

1-10 Employees


Projekt Einführung der Nummernportierung im Prepaid Bereich, 08/2008 - 05/2010 Referenz vom verantwortlichen Produktmanager, Telefonica Germany GmbH & Co. Die Inhalte unserer Seiten wurden mit größter Sorgfalt erstellt. Die verlinkten Seiten wurden zum Zeitpunkt der Verlinkung auf mögliche Rechtsverstöße überprüft. Soweit die Inhalte auf dieser Seite nicht vom Betreiber erstellt wurden, werden die Urheberrechte Dritter beachtet.

Core business

nehCon Telecommunication Consulting

... Telecommunication Consulting ...

IDLE Telecommunications Consulting GmbH's Logo

IDLE Telecommunications Consulting GmbH

Berlin, Germany

11-50 Employees


Wir bieten dir ausgewählte Mobilfunkverträge an, die genau zu deinem Unternehmen passen. Wir bieten dir die beste CCTV-Überwachung und robuste Firewalls an, die dein Unternehmen vor offenen Sicherheitslücken schützen. Ganz egal, ob du am Anfang stehst oder einen vertrauenswürdigen und erfahrenen Partner für dein weiteres Wachstum suchst. Mit unserem Premium-Support bieten wir dir die Möglichkeit, flexibel auf deine Bedürfnisse einzugehen. Um uns und unsere Lösung einmal besser kennenzulernen, bieten wir dir ein unverbindliches Beratungsgespräch an. Meistens sprechen unsere Experten über Themen wie Kosteneinsparungen, Wechselprozesse und Digitalisierungsprozesse.

Core business

Landing Page - IDLE Telecommunications Consulting GmbH

... Landing Page - IDLE Telecommunications Consulting ...

Skjei Telecom, Inc.'s Logo

Skjei Telecom, Inc.

Falls Church, United States

11-50 Employees


We provide highly professional consulting services for a broad range of telecommunications and broadcast networks and systems. Our core expertise in satellite communications, broadcast engineering and wireless networks is augmented with industry and market-specific expertise. As a small consulting firm, Skjei Telecom is uniquely positioned to offer personalized, cost-effective service to clients. Our staff of advanced degreed engineers and registered Professional Engineers (PE) offer impartial and un-biased advice.

Core business

Advanced Telecommunications Engineering & Consulting

... Advanced Telecommunications Engineering & Consulting ...

Fibrewise Consulting Pty Ltd's Logo

Fibrewise Consulting Pty Ltd

Brisbane City, Australia

1-10 Employees


At Fibrewise we like to take the tricky questions for you, so we are happy to be the point of contact for all matters relating to the build and ensure a smooth process all the way until completion. Customer Satisfaction is always at the forefront of our mind and we endeavour to provide the best experience for you. Fibrewise Consulting Director Michael Whalley has years of experience in the communications industry namely Telstra and NBN, from Transit to New Developments, Scoping to Completion, HFC, Copper & Fibre. This however doesn't limit what we can provide from electrical and communications contractors to FIP Location Diagrams to internal electrical designs, we have the skills to do it all! At Fibrewise we believe the key to our success is having strong company values that underpin the ability to focus, listen and respect what our customers say. Fibrewise provide build standards for electricians on Single Dwelling Units, Multi Dwelling Units & Horizontal Multi Dwelling Units before and during the build of New Development. We have suppliers we can recommend who provide specific communications and electrical materials for your development/renovation needs.

Core business

Experienced in Telecommunications Design, Construction & Consulting

... Experienced in Telecommunications Design, Construction & Consulting ...

Telecomprehensive Solutions's Logo

Telecomprehensive Solutions

Anaheim, United States

1-10 Employees


We are intensely focused on bringing the best possible solutions, from the best available providers, at the best value - when appropriate. Our goal is not to sell you a new product, service or mouse-trap. Our goal is to match the solution to the outcomes you're looking for, being mindful of your resources and maximizing your return on investments you've already made as well as any new investments you may need to make. We are committed to a model of fiduciary responsibility for our clients, combined with social responsibility. Telecomprehensive Solutions was founded on the belief that the world is in need of companies that believe in creating a better experience for all of the humans, and other living and inanimate things, that are on this floating space rock hurtling through the cosmos. Our goal is to support and enhance the culture you want in your business with the right technology. Telecomprehensive Solutions was born in the cloud, and uses cloud architecture and infrastructure in virtually every area of our business. Regardless of whether your organization provides healthcare, manufacturing, real estate or any other product or service - technology is disrupting the status quo, creating amazing opportunities for business growth and new revenue models!


Solutions | Strategic Telecommunications and Technology Consulting & Brokerage Services | Serving Southern California and Beyond!!!

... Solutions | Strategic Telecommunications and Technology Consulting & ...

ECS's Logo


St. Louis, United States

1-10 Employees


We are committed to providing aesthetic and comfortable environments while providing systems that are energy efficient, maintainable and reliable. We provide MEPFT design solutions that will reduce risks and lead to more efficient and cost-effective project execution. ECS staff has over 30 years’ experience and have provided services to many of the St. We have designed 100’s of educational facility’s that provide outstanding amenities to facilitate children’s education. Understanding clients’ interests and long-term needs are utmost in our approach and we are committed to exceeding their expectations. Same team provides the design, construction administration and ribbon cutting.

Core business

ECS is a full-service mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection and telecommunication consulting engineering firm. We provide a high level of technical expertise; Experience, Commitment and Service is paramount in meeting our client’s expectations.

... , fire protection and telecommunication consulting engineering firm. ...

Geri-Tel LLC's Logo

Geri-Tel LLC

Bethpage, United States

1-10 Employees


Geri-Tel – The best kept Telecommunications Industry secret, Everyone comes to Geri-Tel! We Provide World Class Supplier Neutral Telecom Consulting on a Global basis. There’s never a hard sell and if we can’t offer solutions to your challenges, we’ll let you know. We will assign you a team of experts to partner with you throughout the installation, training and maintenance processes. Simply put, business Ethernet or carrier Ethernet is the most common type of connectivity used today, enabling high-bandwidth connectivity for businesses across the country. Hosted Voice – Hosted voice is a cloud-based service where a business’s telephone systems reside off- site and are managed by a third-party, providing telephone connectivity via the Internet using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). A colocation center (also co-location, colo, or “carrier hotel“) is a type of data center where equipment, space, and bandwidth are available for rental to retail customers. Colocation facilities provide space, power, cooling, and physical security for the server, storage, and networking equipment of other firms and also connect them to a variety of telecommunications and network service providers with a minimum of cost and complexity.

Core business

Telecommunications Consulting Since 2014

... Telecommunications Consulting Since ...

5 Stones Technologies Inc.'s Logo

5 Stones Technologies Inc.

Temecula, United States

1-10 Employees


5 ST (5 Stones Technologies) delivers best in class consulting services in Information Network Engineering, Information Technology (IT), SATCOM & Telecommunication, Project Management, Logistics Management and other related services to local & state government entities as well as federal and private sectors. Providing Our Clients Best In Class Services & Solutions. 5ST Networking Engineering Department has 50 plus years of combined experience in Network architecting, management and operations. Specializing in Earth Terminals and Mobile satellite communications systems. Securing the digital frontier for business, national defense and every day common transactions.

Core business

Information Technology & Telecommunications  Consulting Services

... Information Technology & Telecommunications  Consulting ...

Nurkan Consulting's Logo

Nurkan Consulting

London, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


We offer actionable insights to private and public owned customers, using best practise methodology. Provide insight on regulatory needs relating to telecoms connectivity and datacenter build outs.

Core business

Independent telecommunications procurement | Nurkan Consulting

... Independent telecommunications procurement | Nurkan Consulting ...

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Amount of fitting manufacturers1122
Amount of suitable service providers1629
Average amount of employees1-10
Oldest suiting company1988
Youngest suiting company2020

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Things to know about Telecommunication Consulting

What is Telecommunication Consulting?

Telecommunication consulting refers to the specialized service provided by experts who guide businesses in optimizing their telecommunication networks. These consultants offer strategic insights and solutions tailored to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and scalability of telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring businesses can meet current and future communication needs. By conducting thorough analyses of existing systems, telecommunication consultants identify inefficiencies and recommend improvements, ranging from integrating advanced technologies to restructuring network architectures. Their expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of technologies, including voice, data, and video communication systems, as well as emerging fields like VoIP and wireless communication. The role of telecommunication consulting is pivotal in an era where robust and flexible communication networks are essential for operational success and competitive advantage. Businesses benefit from reduced operational costs, improved service quality, and the ability to adapt to technological advancements swiftly. Moreover, telecommunication consultants play a crucial role in navigating regulatory compliance issues, helping organizations adhere to industry standards and laws. The impact of telecommunication consulting is profound, as it not only enhances internal communication efficiencies but also improves customer engagement and satisfaction through more reliable and advanced communication platforms.

Advantages of Telecommunication Consulting

1. Expert Guidance
Telecommunication consulting provides businesses with access to industry experts who offer invaluable insights into the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. This specialized knowledge helps organizations navigate the complex telecommunications landscape efficiently, ensuring they make informed decisions that align with their strategic goals.

2. Cost Efficiency
By leveraging the expertise of telecommunication consultants, companies can identify and implement cost-effective solutions that meet their communication needs. Consultants help avoid unnecessary expenditures on unsuitable technologies or services, ensuring resources are allocated effectively to maximize return on investment.

3. Customized Solutions
One of the significant advantages of telecommunication consulting is the ability to receive tailored advice and solutions. Consultants assess an organization's specific needs, taking into account factors such as size, industry, and future growth projections. This personalized approach ensures that the telecommunication strategies implemented are perfectly suited to the business, enhancing operational efficiency.

4. Future-Proofing
Telecommunication consultants keep a pulse on emerging technologies and industry shifts, guiding companies towards future-proof investments. This foresight helps businesses stay ahead of the curve, adopting innovative solutions that promise longevity and scalability in a rapidly evolving digital world.

How to select right Telecommunication Consulting supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Experience and Expertise
Ensure the supplier has a proven track record in the telecommunication industry, with extensive knowledge in both current and emerging technologies.

2. Customized Solutions
Look for a supplier who offers tailored consulting services that align with your specific business needs and objectives.

3. Global and Local Market Understanding
Select a supplier with both global insights and local market knowledge to navigate regulatory environments and leverage local opportunities effectively.

4. Technological Innovations
The ability of the supplier to innovate and integrate the latest telecommunications technologies could be crucial for staying competitive.

5. Client Testimonials and References
Previous client testimonials and references can provide insight into the supplier's reliability, quality of service, and customer satisfaction levels.

6. Support and Maintenance
A supplier offering comprehensive support and maintenance services ensures that any issues are promptly addressed, minimizing downtime.

7. Cost-Effectiveness
While not the only factor, competitive pricing and clear, transparent billing practices are important for budgeting and financial planning.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Telecommunication Consulting?

Telecommunication consulting plays a pivotal role in the healthcare industry by facilitating seamless communication between healthcare professionals and patients. Consultants design robust networks that support telemedicine services, enabling remote diagnostics and consultations. This setup ensures that even in rural or hard-to-reach areas, quality healthcare services are accessible, improving patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency. In the financial sector, telecommunication consultants are instrumental in establishing secure and reliable communication channels. These channels are crucial for executing real-time transactions, maintaining customer service lines, and supporting mobile banking services. Consultants ensure these networks adhere to strict regulatory compliance standards, safeguarding sensitive financial data against cyber threats. Manufacturing industries leverage telecommunication consulting to optimize supply chain management. Consultants develop communication infrastructures that enable real-time tracking of goods, facilitate seamless coordination between different manufacturing units, and support IoT devices in smart factories. This connectivity is essential for reducing production downtimes, enhancing operational efficiency, and enabling predictive maintenance. For the retail industry, telecommunication consulting is key to creating omnichannel shopping experiences. Consultants implement networks that integrate online and offline shopping platforms, ensuring consistent customer service. This integration allows retailers to offer personalized shopping experiences, improve inventory management, and harness data analytics for strategic decision-making. Telecommunication consulting thus serves as a backbone across various B2B sectors, enabling businesses to enhance connectivity, improve operational efficiency, and deliver better customer experiences.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Telecommunication Consulting

Telecommunication consulting, by its very nature, spans a broad spectrum of Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) depending on the specific technologies and strategies it encompasses at any given time. However, it generally operates at the higher end of the TRL scale, typically between TRL 7 to TRL 9. This is primarily because telecommunication consulting often deals with the integration, optimization, and application of existing technologies rather than the development of new technologies from scratch. At these levels, the focus is on demonstrating the technology in operational environments (TRL 7), ensuring the system is complete and qualified (TRL 8), and finally, the actual application in its final form under real-life conditions (TRL 9). The technical reasons for this positioning include the consultancy's reliance on mature, well-understood technologies that have already been proven to work reliably in various contexts. Consultants in this field leverage established telecommunication networks, protocols, and standards to design and implement solutions tailored to specific organizational needs. This approach ensures that the advice and solutions provided are based on technologies that have been extensively tested and validated, thus minimizing risks and enhancing the reliability of the outcomes.

What is the Technology Forecast of Telecommunication Consulting?

In the Short-Term, telecommunication consulting is poised to leverage the widespread adoption of 5G technology, focusing on enhancing network reliability and speed. Consultants will play a critical role in assisting telecom companies to navigate the complex integration of 5G, ensuring seamless implementation and immediate improvements in service delivery. This phase is characterized by a push towards achieving ultra-low latency in communications, which is crucial for applications requiring real-time responses. Looking into the Mid-Term, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) within telecommunication networks is expected to take center stage. These technologies will aid in predictive maintenance, network optimization, and personalized customer service. Consultants will become indispensable in deploying AI-driven solutions that not only predict network failures before they occur but also customize user experiences based on individual data consumption patterns. This period marks a significant shift towards intelligent, self-optimizing networks that preemptively address issues and tailor services to user needs. In the Long-Term, the focus shifts towards the incorporation of quantum computing and blockchain technology in telecommunication. Quantum computing promises to revolutionize data processing speeds, while blockchain offers unparalleled security features. Telecommunication consultants will be at the forefront, guiding the integration of these technologies to achieve unprecedented levels of data transmission speed and security. This era is expected to usher in a new wave of telecommunication capabilities, including ultra-secure communications and the ability to handle exponentially larger data volumes, paving the way for innovations like holographic calls and advanced Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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