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Pocoweb's Logo


Beijing, China

1-10 Employees


Link the fragmented data sources into one platform. Find the trendings and anomalies with AI-based analytics. @ 2019-2023 PocoIQ is a CDP product by Pocoweb.

Core business

AI-Driven Marketing Intelligence

... Pocoweb - AI-Driven Marketing ...

Contlo's Logo



11-50 Employees


🪄 Contlo unveils Brand AI Model™ to empower modern businesses with contextual Generative AI marketing capabilities. Step by step guide to get started with Contlo. Build an integration with Contlo using open APIs. Principles we use to execute our AGI mission. Don’t waste your time on platforms that require heavy lifting tech efforts for integration. it takes a minute to configure”.


Supercharge your Business with AI Marketing Platform Powered by Brand AI Model™

... your Business with AI Marketing Platform Powered by Brand AI ...'s Logo

Sant Cugat del Vallès, Spain

1-10 Employees


We are focused on the result of your business with an understanding of the real goals and KPIs that our team should achieve. Transform Your Vision into Reality – Your Partner in AI-Powered Digital Strategy. We are pushing the limits of customized marketing with artificial intelligence, creating personalized user experiences in ways never seen before. It was here that our expertise in SEO came to light, propelling ProfiCRM onto the digital stage and attracting our first major clients. Yet, adversity only fueled our determination, leading us to explore new markets in Spain, driven by our team’s local insights and linguistic prowess. As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, our mission remains clear – to empower brands worldwide with cutting-edge digital marketing solutions, where AI is not just a tool but the very essence of our strategy.Join us at PW Marketing Agency, where we don’t just face the future – we create it.PW Marketing Agency: Where every challenge is an opportunity to innovate and grow your brand. We believe in open communication, sharing information, and being honest with our clients and team. If the software does not function according to the specified requirements, we are dedicated to resolving any encountered issues or defects for free.

Core business

Digital Marketing Agency AI - Web Development ​| SEO Services | AI Marketing | CRM 🌐

... is a leader in advanced AI digital marketing strategies. We specialise ...

Dopainium's Logo


Old Toronto, Canada

1-10 Employees


At Dopainium, we continuously harness the transformative power of AI, marrying it with human creativity to forge marketing solutions that are not just effective but revolutionary. With Dopainium, you're not just planning for the future; you're shaping it. At Dopainium, every creation is a fusion of art, intelligence, and strategy. With Dopainium, your message isn't just heard; it's felt, remembered, and acted upon. Dopainium is an Artificial Intelligence driven agency, where human expertise and AI precision work synergistically to deliver results far beyond what either could deliver alone. Dopainium is a trailblazer at the intersection of human ingenuity and cutting-edge artificial intelligence. At Dopainium, we believe that the fusion of human expertise and AI prowess creates an unparalleled marketing force. By joining forces with Dopainium, you gain access to an elite team and cutting-edge AI tools that help your business outsmart the competition and dominate your market.

Core business

AI Guided Marketing Strategy

... Dopainium delivers AI Guided Marketing Strategy for organizations of all ...

Digital Media Connect Limited's Logo

Digital Media Connect Limited

Cambridge, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees



AI Marketing Tools

... AI Marketing Tools - AI Marketing Company - Digital Media ...

re:nable's Logo


Gothenburg, Sweden

1-10 Employees


We are a team of seasoned experts with a passion for technology, digital marketing, and of course, the future of e-commerce. Re:nable’s vision is to be the leading AI marketing platform provider for brands and e-tailers around the world. In the heart of Gothenburg - Sweden, we develop an AI marketing platform that creates beautiful, converting ads with technology that revolutionizes full product catalog marketing, even if you have thousands of products. We also work with Retail Media and offer brands the opportunity to reach (otherwise unreachable) consumers with purchase intent through our retail partners. We believe that a company can make a huge impact when the right people get together and focus on the same goal.


AI Marketing Platform

... With our generative AI marketing platform, it’s a breeze. ...

Ai Marketing's Logo

Ai Marketing

Paris, France

51-100 Employees


Vous avez entendu parler d’Ai.Marketing, mais vous ne savez pas encore réellement ce que c’est ? Pas de panique ! Je suis là pour vous expliquer le fonctionnement d’Ai.Marketing ainsi que mon avis sur ce robot. Et oui ! J’ai testé pour vous, le robot Ai.Marketing pendant 3 mois. Vous allez découvrir si j’ai vraiment gagné de l’argent. Avant de vous monter mes résultats ainsi que mon avis personnel, je vais tout vous expliquer. Avec les nouvelles technologies et l’intelligence artificielle, le monde de l’informatique progresse à une vitesse incroyable.

Core business

Ai Marketing Avis – Comment débuter sur Ai.Marketing ? C’est une arnaque ?

... Ai Marketing Avis – Comment débuter sur Ai.Marketing ? C’est une arnaque ...

ValueGiG's Logo


Eindhoven, Netherlands

1-10 Employees


About us ValueGiG, we are committed providing businesses with the newest AI tools and technologies. ValueGiG Welcomes you into our AI services community, where we revamp your marketing strategy with artificial intelligence technology. ValueGig AI Services specializes in delivering powerful AI-driven solutions tailored to optimize brand reach and engagement. As a leading provider of AI marketing services. Our team of professionals uses the most recent advances in AI to offer cutting-edge marketing solutions that spur expansion and assist companies in achieving their marketing objectives. Offering numerous advantages across a range of industries such as banking, healthcare, information technology and furthermore. In order to offer businesses customized marketing solutions that produce results. Our team of specialists is always accessible to offer help and direction.

Core business

Empowering businesses With Valuable AI Marketing Services

... Discover how our advanced AI marketing technology can drive success for ...

BitValentine's Logo


Barcelona, Spain

1-10 Employees


Our collaboration with comedy icon Jim Gaffigan marked a significant milestone, culminating in the production of two television specials for Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Core business

Doing The Right Things in Business, Growth Hacking, Ai & Marketing

... Doing The Right Things in Business, Growth Hacking, Ai & Marketing ...

Zelwits's Logo


London, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


Core business

AI Digital Marketing Agency

... AI Digital marketing agency leveraging content to accelerate impact on ...

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Oldest suiting company2008
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Things to know about AI Marketing

What is AI Marketing?

AI Marketing refers to the application of artificial intelligence technologies to automate decision-making in marketing strategies, optimize marketing campaigns, and deliver personalized experiences to customers. It leverages machine learning, data analytics, and other AI technologies to analyze vast amounts of data from various sources, identifying patterns, predicting customer behavior, and making real-time decisions to enhance marketing efforts. This approach enables marketers to target the right audience with the right message at the right time, significantly increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. AI marketing tools can automate routine tasks, such as email personalization, content curation, and ad placements, freeing marketers to focus on more strategic aspects of their campaigns. The impact of AI in marketing is transformative, offering unprecedented levels of customer insight and operational efficiency. It allows for more personalized customer engagements, improves customer satisfaction, and ultimately drives sales and revenue growth. By harnessing the power of AI, businesses can stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, adapting to consumer needs with agility and precision.

Advantages of AI Marketing

1. Enhanced Personalization
AI marketing tools analyze vast amounts of data to understand individual customer preferences and behaviors. This deep insight allows for the creation of highly personalized marketing campaigns, significantly improving customer engagement and satisfaction.

2. Efficient Data Analysis
With the capability to process and analyze data at an unprecedented scale, AI facilitates the identification of trends and patterns that humans might overlook. This efficiency in data analysis supports strategic decision-making, enabling businesses to anticipate market shifts and customer needs more accurately.

3. Automation of Routine Tasks
AI marketing automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as email campaigning and social media posting. This automation frees up marketers to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of their roles, increasing productivity and innovation.

4. Improved ROI
By optimizing marketing strategies through personalized content and efficient data utilization, AI marketing significantly enhances the return on investment. Businesses can allocate their resources more effectively, targeting the right audience with the right message at the right time.

How to select right AI Marketing supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Technology Compatibility
Ensure the AI marketing solutions are compatible with your existing technological infrastructure to facilitate seamless integration and operation.

2. Scalability
The solution should be scalable to grow with your business needs without requiring a complete overhaul of the system.

3. Data Privacy and Security
Confirm that the supplier adheres to stringent data privacy and security standards to protect your company's and customers' information.

4. Customization Capabilities
The ability to customize the AI marketing tools to suit your specific business requirements is essential for maximum effectiveness.

5. Track Record and Reliability
Research the supplier's past performance and reliability in delivering successful AI marketing solutions to similar businesses.

6. Support and Training
Verify that the supplier provides adequate support and training to ensure your team can effectively use the AI marketing tools.

7. Cost-effectiveness
Consider the total cost of ownership, including setup, subscription, and any additional fees, to ensure the solution is cost-effective for your business.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for AI Marketing?

In the realm of B2B marketing, AI has transformed how businesses approach lead generation. Through predictive analytics, AI tools analyze vast datasets to identify potential leads that match the ideal customer profile, significantly increasing conversion rates by focusing efforts on the most promising prospects. Personalization at scale is another powerful use case, where AI algorithms tailor marketing messages and offers to individual prospects based on their interaction history and preferences. This level of personalization, impractical for humans to achieve manually across thousands of prospects, enhances engagement and fosters deeper business relationships. AI-driven content creation represents a breakthrough in producing relevant and engaging marketing materials. By understanding industry trends and keyword performance, AI tools generate content that resonates with the target audience, ensuring that businesses stay ahead in content marketing strategies. Furthermore, customer segmentation has been refined with AI, enabling more precise targeting. By analyzing customer data, AI categorizes prospects into highly specific segments, allowing marketers to craft messages that address the unique needs and pain points of each segment, thereby improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Lastly, chatbots and virtual assistants, powered by AI, offer real-time customer service and sales support. These AI solutions handle inquiries, guide users through the sales funnel, and even resolve issues, providing a seamless customer experience that builds trust and loyalty in a B2B context.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of AI Marketing

AI Marketing currently stands at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 7 to 8, indicating that its algorithms and technologies have been demonstrated in operational environments and are nearing full commercial application. This advanced TRL reflects the significant progress in machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and big data analytics, which are foundational to AI marketing solutions. The ability of AI to analyze vast datasets and derive actionable insights allows for personalized marketing strategies at scale, a critical demand in today's digital marketplace. Furthermore, the integration of AI with existing digital marketing platforms has facilitated real-time customer interaction analysis, predictive analytics for customer behavior, and automated content creation, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns. However, the TRL does not yet reach the maximum due to ongoing challenges in data privacy regulations, the need for continuous algorithmic training to adapt to dynamic market trends, and the requirement for human oversight to ensure ethical AI use. These technical and regulatory hurdles are being addressed through advanced encryption methods, the development of more sophisticated AI models that require less manual intervention, and the establishment of clear ethical guidelines for AI applications in marketing.

What is the Technology Forecast of AI Marketing?

In the Short-Term, AI marketing is set to become increasingly personalized. Machine learning algorithms will evolve to analyze consumer behavior more efficiently, enabling businesses to tailor their marketing efforts to individual preferences and behaviors. This phase will see the rise of chatbots and virtual assistants capable of handling customer queries with a near-human level of understanding, significantly improving customer service and engagement. Moving into the Mid-Term, AI will begin to harness big data to predict consumer trends and behaviors with unprecedented accuracy. This period will witness the integration of AI across various digital marketing channels, allowing for a seamless and highly optimized user experience. The technology will enable marketers to anticipate market changes and consumer needs, facilitating proactive rather than reactive strategies. In the Long-Term, the advent of autonomous AI marketing platforms is anticipated. These systems will not only analyze and interpret data but will also be capable of making independent marketing decisions without human intervention. The focus will shift towards creating immersive, personalized customer experiences through advanced technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), transforming how consumers interact with brands and products.

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