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Biometric Dental's Logo

Biometric Dental

Tallinn, Estonia

1-10 Employees


We are piloting our products on the Estonian market since the second half of 2016. We develop continuous practices and products to better satisfy our customers. Biometric OÜ was founded in 2016 with the aim of developing, producing and marketing a novel dental implant system. Biometric will offer a product range developed by a clinical practitioner for clinical practitioners. Biometric’s implant system offers a unique competitive advantage due to the novel design of the mechanics of implant-abutment interfaces. There are currently six clinics working with our products. Marko is an experienced manager of innovative biomedical companies, such as SelfD Technologie GmbH in Germany. User-driven innovation is the core of Biometric’s business.

Core business

BIOMETRIC subsidiary products

... BIOMETRIC subsidiary ...'s Logo

Spokane Valley, United States

1-10 Employees


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Barska AX13092 Pistol Keypad Biometric Safe

... Barska AX13092 Pistol Keypad Biometric ...

Mantra Softech's Logo

Mantra Softech

Ahmedabad, India

251-500 Employees


At Mantra, we are motivated to remain an innovative market leader in our field. We are the fastest growing Biometric brand in India. We are into an ongoing improvement and growth strategy which has helped us to increase our production capacity manifolds. We develop solutions that address all the concerns an organization have regarding safety & the security of their business. We are continuously creating innovative set of technologies in security and surveillance industry. We are the fastest growing products and solutions provider for citizen identification system. Our products are widely used for aadhaar authentication and verification like eKYC, Jeevan Pramaan, Aadhaar Pay, Banking & Telecom. Our unparalleled multilayer distribution network and a deep-rooted trusted relationship with our trade and SI partners is the foundation of the success of Mantra.


Biometrics Attendance System

... Biometric Attendance System is most commonly used in mid to large ...



Hamburg, Germany

101-250 Employees


We develop solutions for access and data security or authorization and authentication services as well as mobile security. DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, based in Hamburg, is the largest German biometrics manufacturer and is known as the Biometrics And Security Innovation Leader. DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH is an expanding company based in Hamburg with additional offices in Malaysia and Singapore, as a result of strong growth in the region. DERMALOG's expertise is defined by our verifiably good and consistently innovative technology concepts. DERMALOG Identification Systems is Germany's largest biometrics company and innovation leader. DERMALOG supplied the new biometric driver's license system to the Republic of the Philippines. Peter Tschentscher DERMALOG, Deutschlands größtes Biometrieunternehmen in Hamburg. DERMALOG has acquired JENETRIC to drive innovations in the field of biometric identification jointly.


Portable Biometric Registration Unit

... The Portable Biometric Registration Unit is DERMALOG's compact case ...

RecFaces's Logo


Stupino, Russia

- Employees


RecFaces products are based on facial recognition technology, which recognizes a person or confirms their identity. RecFaces solutions are implemented in Latin America, Australia, Africa, and Asia. Therefore, we have developed and continuously improve a range of tested and affordable biometric products that quickly and reliably solve specific business tasks. We focus on international sales and vigorously develop relationships with our partners. As a result, you will get a biometric facial recognition system ready to operate without any programming or the help of highly qualified specialists. We make biometrics a competitive advantage for our partners and provide businesses with a wide range of ready-made biometric solutions. We have developed ready-made integration modules that provide seamless connection and easy data flow configuration between our solutions and video surveillance systems, access control systems, corporate time attendance apps, multimedia servers, etc. To improve the security level and provide instant incident alerts.

Core business

Biometric identification

... of multimodal biometric identification solutions adapted to ...



South Africa

1-10 Employees


As Africa’s leading supplier of next generation biometrics, we offer scalable solutions that empower business owners to circumvent transgressions. We have, together with our channel partners, successfully deployed a multitude of biometric readers throughout all sectors; transforming everyday transactions into trusted transactions. As a result, millions of people transact authentically on a daily basis in a diversity of professionally-managed and security-conscious environments, effortlessly, reliably and accurately. We are passionate about technology and the change it facilitates. We are experts in Identity Management and Biometrics and specialise in niche products and solutions.


Biometric Access Control Products - VisionPass

... Biometric employee access control system, manage employee access & ...

Aratek's Logo


Taipei, Taiwan

251-500 Employees


Aratek places the highest premium on Customer Satisfaction, and we have more than a million happy customers to vouch for this. Aratek is the global leader in the biometrics and security industries. Since 2004, Aratek Biometrics has been helping organizations worldwide get reliable and secure digital identity without the fuss. Aratek gives you a wide selection of fingerprint sensors/modules for fast and painless system integration with PC, tablets, POS terminal and kiosks and more. Aratek biometric security systems are the total solution for physical access control. The Aratek team is ever ready to come up with solutions for our partners. In 2023, Aratek Biometrics partnered with BMIT Solutions Ltd. By deploying 1,200 Aratek A900 4-4-2 fingerprint scanners, we streamlined enrollment, enhanced data quality, and provided a robust, cost-effective solution for a more reliable NID system.

Core business

Industry Leader in Biometrics Technology.

... EK is the world leader in biometrics technology, providing reliable, ...

Biometric Health's Logo

Biometric Health

United States

1-10 Employees


We are very proud of our achievements and all the people who led us here. Biometric Health's founds worked together on several products and products over the course of time before they finally decided to start the company. What drove them to start the company was the understanding that we could provide a service no one else was providing, a product which has yet to be made available to the payors, providers, and most importantly to the members of the public. Biometric Health is a free, secure platform that aggregates all your electronic health and claims information. Help your team focus on delivering the product by building on the world's only fully managed serverless FHIR® API platform. Help payers and provider organizations interact using FHIR® Bulk Data transfers and analytics APIs for pop-health analytics using a standard SQL interface to meet regulations like MIPS and MACRA or empower their ACOs. We believe everyone has a fundamental right to access their entire medical records that enables them to live a healthy life. Biometric Health provides 100s of health tech companies and systems with the tools they need to create easy and accessible experiences for their users.


Biometric Health Provider Application

... Biometric ...

AM Security System Pvt Ltd's Logo

AM Security System Pvt Ltd

New Delhi, India

11-50 Employees


We are the in this field since 2011. We are the biggest dealers of the CCTV camera, signal boosters, and Biometric Attendance System. We sell our products at a very reasonable rate, and it is easily affordable. Our products go through a various test and then it comes to you after so many trials. We made our products from the very skilled engineers and trained officials. We are one of the well-known providers of Biometric System and Access Control Machine with most recent advancements. Our vision is to give a sheltered, worthwhile and clear real-time door access control system for area affirmation through the significant urban areas starting from the time you reach us. We are Headquartered in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida, giving heavenly security support to various customers since 2011.

Core business

Biometric Attendance Machine in Delhi

... Biometric Attendance Machine In Delhi | Fingerprint Door Access Control ...

Biometric Cables's Logo

Biometric Cables

Chennai, India

51-100 Employees


Biometric Cables (also known as BMC), established in the Year 2005, is headquartered in Chennai, the southern gateway of India, also known as the Medical devices and technology hub of India. Biometric cables are a manufacturer of medical equipment accessories such as ECG cables, Pulse-oximeter sensors, Ultrasound transducers, Breathing circuits, Oxygen sensors, Flow sensors and the likes. Being a part of supply chain and support systems to OEMs and Biomedical services, we manufacture around 3500+ products that cater to different multidisciplinary fields such as critical care, Anesthesia, Cardiology, Radiology, Sonography, to name a few. Biometric Cables was started in the year 2005 in a 400 sq ft room with start-up strength of only 5 persons. Today, we have grown to be a workforce of 85 personnel, housed in two facilities - Chennai and Trichy - having a combined manufacturing floor space of 10,000 Sq. ft.


Masimo LNCS Patient Cable | Biocompatibilty tested - Biometric Cables

... Biometric cables a manufacturer of Spo2 extension cable compatible with ...

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Things to know about Biometrics

What is Biometrics?

Biometrics refers to the statistical analysis and measurement of physical and behavioral characteristics unique to individuals, utilized primarily for identification and access control. This technology capitalizes on distinct attributes such as fingerprints, facial patterns, iris structure, and voice recognition, offering a reliable method of verifying identity due to the inherent difficulty in replicating these features. Its application spans various sectors, including security, law enforcement, banking, and personal device access, revolutionizing traditional security protocols by providing a higher level of accuracy and efficiency in authentication processes. The advent of biometric technology marks a significant shift in the cybersecurity landscape, addressing vulnerabilities associated with password-based systems by introducing a layer of protection that is intricately linked to the user’s biological traits. This evolution not only enhances security measures but also streamlines user experiences, eliminating the need for remembering complex passwords or carrying identification cards. Moreover, biometrics has paved the way for advancements in personalized services and tailored user experiences, leveraging unique identifiers to customize interactions across digital platforms. Despite its numerous benefits, the deployment of biometric systems raises important privacy and data protection concerns, necessitating robust legal frameworks and ethical considerations to safeguard personal information against unauthorized access and misuse.

Advantages of Biometrics

1. Enhanced Security
Biometric systems provide a higher level of security compared to traditional methods like passwords or keycards. Since biometrics involves unique human characteristics such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris scans that are difficult to replicate or steal, it significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

2. Convenience
Using biometrics for identification and access control offers unparalleled convenience. Users no longer need to remember complex passwords or carry physical keys. A simple scan of a fingerprint or face can quickly grant access, streamlining the user experience and improving efficiency.

3. Accuracy
Biometric systems are known for their high accuracy in identifying individuals. Unlike keys or passwords, which can be shared or guessed, biometric traits are unique to each person, minimizing the chances of mistaken identity or access by imposters.

4. Reduced Costs and Time
Over time, biometrics can lead to significant cost and time savings. The elimination of physical security tokens, keycards, and the administrative burden of resetting forgotten passwords means that resources can be redirected towards more productive tasks.

How to select right Biometrics supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Technology Compatibility
Ensure the supplier’s technology is compatible with your existing systems and can integrate seamlessly for a smooth operation.

2. Security Protocols
Review the supplier's security measures and protocols to protect sensitive biometric data against unauthorized access and breaches.

3. Accuracy and Reliability
Assess the accuracy and reliability of the biometric system in various conditions and scenarios to ensure consistent performance.

4. Scalability
Consider if the supplier’s solution can scale with your business growth without significant additional investments.

5. Support and Maintenance
Check the availability of support and maintenance services to address potential issues promptly and minimize downtime.

6. Compliance
Verify that the supplier adheres to local and international regulations and standards regarding biometric data collection, storage, and use.

7. Cost-Effectiveness
Evaluate the total cost of ownership, including installation, maintenance, and any required upgrades, to ensure it aligns with your budget and provides value.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Biometrics?

In the realm of cybersecurity, biometrics plays a pivotal role in enhancing data protection and access control for businesses. By utilizing unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints or facial recognition, companies can significantly bolster their security frameworks, ensuring that sensitive information remains accessible only to authorized personnel. This method offers a more secure alternative to traditional passwords, reducing the risk of data breaches. The financial sector benefits immensely from biometric authentication, leveraging it to streamline customer verification processes. Banks and financial institutions implement biometric technology to confirm identities during transactions, account access, and customer onboarding. This not only enhances security by minimizing fraud but also improves customer experience with quicker, more convenient authentication methods. Healthcare organizations incorporate biometrics to manage patient records and access control securely. By using biometric identification, healthcare providers can quickly and accurately match patients to their medical records, reducing errors and improving patient care. This application also reinforces privacy and compliance with regulations like HIPAA, as it ensures that only authorized individuals can access sensitive health information. In workforce management, biometrics is utilized for accurate time and attendance tracking. Companies across various industries adopt biometric systems to replace traditional timecards, reducing the likelihood of time theft and buddy punching. This use case not only streamlines administrative processes but also provides a more reliable and efficient method for managing employee attendance and payroll.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Biometrics

Biometrics technology, encompassing fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, iris scanning, and voice recognition, among others, has advanced to a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), typically ranging between TRL 7 to TRL 9. This categorization reflects its extensive validation in operational environments and widespread adoption across various sectors, including security, finance, and healthcare. The progression to these elevated TRLs is attributed to significant technical advancements and robust testing methodologies that have proven the reliability, accuracy, and scalability of biometric systems. Innovations in machine learning algorithms and sensor technology have greatly enhanced the precision and speed of biometric identification and verification processes. Furthermore, the integration of biometric systems with cloud computing and blockchain technology has bolstered security measures, addressing previous concerns over data privacy and fraud. The expansion of biometric applications into consumer electronics, such as smartphones and smart home devices, also demonstrates the technology's maturity and user acceptance. Continuous improvements in interoperability standards and the development of anti-spoofing techniques have further solidified biometrics' standing at these advanced TRLs, ensuring its role as a cornerstone in the future of secure and convenient user authentication and identification solutions.

What is the Technology Forecast of Biometrics?

In the Short-Term, biometrics technology is set to become more integrated into daily life, with advancements focusing on enhancing accuracy and reducing false positives. Immediate developments include the implementation of multifactor authentication systems combining facial recognition, fingerprints, and even behavioral patterns to improve security measures. This phase will also see a significant push towards mobile and contactless biometric verification methods, spurred by the need for hygienic and convenient user verification processes. The Mid-Term phase of biometric technology development will witness the expansion of biometric applications beyond security, venturing into personalized health monitoring and smart home systems. Innovations in this period will leverage biometric data to offer tailored health advice, monitor vital signs, and even predict potential health issues. Furthermore, biometric technology will enhance user experience in smart homes by facilitating more intuitive and adaptive environments, capable of recognizing individual preferences and adjusting settings accordingly. In the Long-Term, the horizon of biometrics is expected to evolve with the advent of more sophisticated technologies like genetic biometrics and the integration of AI to interpret emotional and cognitive states from biometric data. These advancements will open new frontiers in personalized medicine, security, and human-computer interaction, offering unprecedented levels of personalization and convenience. Moreover, ethical and privacy considerations will drive the development of secure, decentralized biometric data storage solutions, ensuring user data protection and control.

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