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Grenoble, France

11-50 Employees


MAG4Health takes advantage of a quantum technology that works at room temperature to simplify the installation and the use of the MEG. PhD - CMO Etienne is a world-class expert in EEG and MEG. CBO - Innovative technologyEmilie has a background in Immunology/Cancer and biotech. PhD - Expert in laser and opticsSergey has a strong expertise in the field of optics and laser science. Manufacturing technicianGuillemette is passionate about precision mechanics, crafting and optics. Manufacturing technicianPhilippe is passionate about travels, mountain biking, assembling computers. MEG is the only neuroimaging device that provides millisecond-scale information on brain activity with an anatomical accuracy of a few tens of mm³. It can also provide functional information on brain networks in time-frequency space.


Mag4Health quantum sensors

... more about MAG4Health's quantum sensors and even more on our paper ( ...

Diatope GmbH's Logo

Diatope GmbH

Ulm, Germany

1-10 Employees


We are a team of world leading quantum engineers ready to bring diamond quantum technology from labs to applications. Diatope GmbH was founded in late 2021 as a spin-off from the Institute for Quantum Optics at Ulm University. Diatope will deliver quantum computing diamonds by controlling the isotopic configurataion of the diamond matrix around the NV centers on the nanoscale. Within the AMADEUS project Diatope will deliver isotopically purified diamond films with highly sensitive, shallow NV centers as well as thicker, nitrogen doped, NV rich layers. Our vision is to provide CVD diamond Made-in-Germany with NV centers for applications in magnetic imaging, nano-NMR and quantum computing. Diatope GmbH is a spin-off from Ulm University and was established to provide enabling diamond hardware for quantum sensing & quantum computing applications. We are a diverse team of world leading quantum engineers with expertise in all relevant fields, from diamond growth via qubit and sensor fabrication to applications. Johannes is a technology enthusiast and expert in ion implantation and high temperature treatment of diamond.


Quantum Sensor

... Our quantum sensor product line includes NV centers carefully designed ...

Walz GmbH's Logo

Walz GmbH

Bodman-Ludwigshafen, Germany

1-10 Employees


Heinz Walz (right) founded the company in Erlangen-Eltersdorf north of Nuremberg. In spring, Heinz Walz started the construction of a new building on company grounds which was ready for occupancy in October. Steffen Walz (right) joined the company after graduating as an electrical engineer. At this point, Walz provided a range of PAM fluorometers which was suited for the measurement of photosynthesis outdoors, above-ground or underwater, and under arctic as well as tropical conditions. Significant extension of the Walz product range in the field of light measurement. The Heinz Walz GmbH was awarded The Bavarian Exports Award. Walz entered the field of three dimensional phenotyping by introducing the 3D Version of the IMAGING-PAM. Julia Walz (right) entered the company after having graduated as a Master of Business Administration.


Specifications of the MC-MQS/OVV Microscopy Quantum Sensor

... MC-MQS/OVV Microscopy Quantum Sensor Specifications | ...

Partech LED Ltd (Trading as MIGRO)'s Logo

Partech LED Ltd (Trading as MIGRO)

Dublin, Ireland

1-10 Employees


After a long process of product development, many prototypes and a fair share of failures, we refined our design to the MIGRO ARAY LED grow light you see today. Unlock Peak Productivity: Experience a revolution in your grow room with ARAY!


Apogee MQ-500 Full-spectrum Quantum sensor with handheld meter and 2m cable

... MQ-500 Full-spectrum Quantum sensor and Extra Long 2m cable – ...

QZabre's Logo


Zurich, Switzerland

1-10 Employees


Fast, versatile NV microscopes, high performance probes and more. We keep on redefining what is possible with scanning NV. From speed over sensitivity to resolution, we work to enhance all aspects for truly user friendly, high performance products. Quantum technology is complex both in theory and in practice. With our products you can focus on getting high quality results quickly instead of dealing with the underlying engineering.


Your single solution for characterizing diamond quantum sensors.

... Your single solution for characterizing diamond quantum sensors. ...

Evvos's Logo


Luxembourg, Luxembourg

1-10 Employees


The Evvos RHTP probe integrates meteorological-grade sensors for measuring relative humidity, air temperature, and barometric pressure. Engineered to deliver precise environmental data, it offers real-time measurements and the calculation of various derivative parameters. Telemetry transmitter devices, designed to acquire and provide high quality data. Minimise maintenance costs with our innovative power supply circuitry design and carefully selected MCUs. We will help you with your Internet of Things proof-of-concept, productization and deployment.


Digital Output Quantum Sensor SDI-12

... Digital Output Quantum Sensor SDI-12 - ...



United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


Quantum Tunnelling Composites are in over a million products worldwide. The latest Quantum Revolution and QTSS™ Quantum Materials enable affordable, attractive, easy to use products of the future. QTSS™ Quantum Material printable ‘smart’ pressure sensing inks enable the production of flexible, conformable, miniaturised or large-area pressure sensors & strain gauges that are ultra thin, lightweight, robust & economical to manufacture. This technology opens up new possibilities for novel, yet more sustainable product innovation and due to it’s technical & design freedom it can integrate with and compliment classical electronics to create products that were initially unthinkable. This provides a uniquely large operating range capability and their sensitivities can be altered. We help support companies in bringing their product ideas to market.

Core business

Quantum Technology Super Sensors - Quantum Technology Supersensors

... Quantum Technology Super Sensors - Quantum Technology ...

PT Unitama Analitika Perkasa's Logo

PT Unitama Analitika Perkasa

Special Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

11-50 Employees


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best analytical instruments from our principals, as well as giving excellent after sales service. PT Unitama Analitika Perkasa was established in 1997 and started operating in 1998. Be one of us, we are eager to welcome you as part of our family.


LI-190R Quantum Sensor

... LI-190R Quantum Sensor ...

Vector Atomic's Logo

Vector Atomic

Pleasanton, United States

11-50 Employees


We are 100% employee owned, with no outside investment or debt. We are located in Pleasanton, CA in the East Bay Area. We are open to partnerships that accelerate the commercialization of quantum technology through collaboration, field demonstrations, product adoption, or investment. GPS is the pulse for today’s economy, with more than $1T impact in the US alone. At its heart, GPS is a global timing network. Capturing infinitesimal accelerations and rotations is the key to navigating when GPS is unavailable, stabilizing the orientation of satellites, and exploring the Earth’s interior. Our GAINS gravimeter has operated autonomously at-sea, accurately measuring local gravity without the aid of motion stabilization. Atomic gyroscope to be delivered for low Earth orbit (LEO) demonstration.

Core business

At their core, quantum sensors are built from:

... At their core, quantum sensors are built from: ...

Ram Group (Singapore)'s Logo

Ram Group (Singapore)


51-100 Employees



Shop Our Full Suite of Ultrafield Quantum Sensors

... Shop Our Full Suite of Ultrafield Quantum Sensors ...

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Things to know about Quantum Sensor

What is Quantum Sensor?

A quantum sensor exploits the quantum properties of matter, such as superposition and entanglement, to measure physical quantities with unprecedented precision. These devices operate on the principle that at the quantum scale, particles like photons, electrons, or atoms can be in multiple states simultaneously, a property that traditional sensors cannot leverage. This unique capability allows quantum sensors to detect changes in the physical world with a level of sensitivity and accuracy far beyond that of classical sensors. The application of quantum sensors spans various fields, including but not limited to, gravitational wave detection, where they can pick up minute perturbations in the fabric of spacetime, and navigation technologies, offering an alternative to GPS by measuring the Earth's magnetic field with extreme precision. In healthcare, they enable the detection of tiny magnetic fields generated by the human brain and heart, leading to advances in diagnostics and monitoring. Furthermore, their sensitivity makes them invaluable in environmental monitoring, detecting trace amounts of pollutants or changes in environmental conditions with a degree of detail previously unattainable. The impact of quantum sensors is profound, heralding a new era in measurement technology that enhances our understanding of the universe, improves the accuracy of various scientific and commercial instruments, and paves the way for innovations in multiple disciplines.

Advantages of Quantum Sensor

1. Exceptional Sensitivity
Quantum sensors demonstrate unparalleled sensitivity compared to traditional sensors. They operate by exploiting the principles of quantum mechanics, allowing for the detection of minuscule changes in physical quantities like magnetic fields, temperature, or pressure. This heightened sensitivity enables applications in areas where precise measurements are critical, such as in medical diagnostics or environmental monitoring.

2. High Precision
The accuracy of quantum sensors significantly surpasses that of their conventional counterparts. By utilizing quantum entanglement and superposition, these sensors can achieve measurements with extraordinary precision. This feature is particularly beneficial in scientific research and navigation systems, where even the slightest inaccuracies can lead to substantial errors.

3. Versatility
Quantum sensors are noted for their versatility across various fields. Their ability to operate under extreme conditions, such as in very high or low temperatures, makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from space exploration to deep-sea research. Moreover, their adaptability to different measurement needs, including time, frequency, and acceleration, underscores their broad utility.

4. Low Power Consumption
Operating on the principles of quantum mechanics, these sensors require minimal energy, making them more sustainable and cost-effective over time. This low power consumption does not compromise their performance, ensuring that they remain both efficient and environmentally friendly.

How to select right Quantum Sensor supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Technology Compatibility
Ensure the quantum sensor is compatible with existing systems and technologies in your operation. This includes software, hardware interfaces, and data formats.

2. Sensitivity and Accuracy
The sensor should meet the required sensitivity and accuracy levels for your specific applications, such as environmental monitoring or precision agriculture.

3. Environmental Robustness
Check for the sensor's ability to operate effectively under your specific environmental conditions, including temperature ranges, humidity levels, and exposure to chemicals or radiation.

4. Scalability and Integration
Consider how easily the sensor can be scaled and integrated into larger systems. This is crucial for future expansions or upgrades.

5. Supplier Reputation and Support
Research the supplier's reputation in the market, focusing on product reliability, customer service, and after-sales support. This can help ensure a positive long-term investment.

6. Cost-effectiveness
While not compromising on quality and performance, evaluate the overall cost-effectiveness of the sensor, including initial purchase price, installation costs, and ongoing maintenance expenses.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Quantum Sensor?

Quantum sensors, leveraging the principles of quantum mechanics, are redefining precision in various industries. In the healthcare sector, these sensors are used for highly accurate imaging and diagnostics, enabling doctors to detect diseases at earlier stages with greater precision. This application not only improves patient outcomes but also reduces healthcare costs by minimizing the need for invasive procedures. In the construction and engineering field, quantum sensors offer unparalleled accuracy in surveying and monitoring structural integrity. They are instrumental in detecting minute shifts or deformations in buildings and bridges, which might be invisible to traditional sensors. This capability ensures safety and can significantly extend the lifespan of infrastructures. The agricultural industry benefits from quantum sensors by achieving more precise soil and crop analysis. These sensors can measure environmental conditions and soil properties with exceptional accuracy, facilitating optimized irrigation, fertilization, and pest control strategies. Consequently, farmers can increase crop yields while utilizing resources more efficiently. Lastly, in the telecommunications sector, quantum sensors enhance navigation and timing systems. They provide more accurate and secure communications networks, crucial for the development of technologies like 5G and beyond. This improvement is vital for supporting the increasing demand for fast and reliable data transmission across the globe.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Quantum Sensor

Quantum sensors, devices that exploit quantum correlations such as quantum entanglement to achieve sensitivity or resolution levels unattainable with classical systems, are currently evaluated at varying Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) ranging from 3 to 6. This range is due to their diverse applications and developmental stages across different fields. At the lower end, TRL 3, quantum sensors are in the proof-of-concept phase, where the focus is on validating the quantum phenomena they leverage, such as superposition or entanglement, in controlled environments. Progressing to TRL 4 and 5, prototypes of quantum sensors are developed and tested in laboratory settings, demonstrating their practical feasibility and potential superiority over classical sensors in terms of precision and sensitivity. The transition to TRL 6 is marked by the demonstration of quantum sensor technology in relevant environments, showcasing their operational capabilities outside of the lab. This range is indicative of the technical challenges that quantum sensor development faces, including maintaining quantum coherence in real-world conditions, scaling the technology for practical applications, and integrating it with existing technological infrastructures. Despite these challenges, the advancement of quantum sensors to higher TRLs is propelled by ongoing research and development efforts aimed at overcoming these hurdles, promising revolutionary impacts in fields such as navigation, medical imaging, and environmental monitoring.

What is the Technology Forecast of Quantum Sensor?

In the Short-Term, quantum sensors are expected to undergo significant enhancements in sensitivity and miniaturization. This phase will likely see the integration of these sensors into more mainstream applications, such as navigation systems and advanced diagnostics, providing unprecedented precision. Research will focus on overcoming current limitations related to temperature sensitivity and operational complexity, making quantum sensors more adaptable and easier to use in a variety of environments. Moving into the Mid-Term, the development of quantum sensors will expand their utility in fields like environmental monitoring and healthcare. Innovations in this phase will enable the detection of minute changes in gravitational fields, offering new ways to predict natural disasters with greater accuracy. In healthcare, the improved sensitivity of quantum sensors will revolutionize imaging techniques, enabling non-invasive methods that can detect early signs of diseases at the molecular level, significantly advancing diagnostic processes. In the Long-Term, quantum sensors are poised to become integral components in the development of quantum computing and communication systems, facilitating quantum networks with enhanced security features. These advanced sensors will be key in realizing the full potential of quantum technologies, including the creation of highly accurate global positioning systems that can function independently of satellite signals. This era will herald a new age of technological capabilities, with quantum sensors at the core of breakthroughs in various scientific fields, including deep-space exploration and understanding the fundamental principles of the universe.

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