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NxtBio Technologies's Logo

NxtBio Technologies

Claremont, United States

51-100 Employees


Core business

NxtBio - NTx is a bioinformatics and biomanufacturing company that advances medical products and material sciences with cell-free, innovative biomanufacturing solutions. The company is commercializing its biomanufacturing systems NTxpress®, NTxscribe® and the bioinformatics platform, DruID, for the discovery of natural products

... is commercializing its biomanufacturing systems NTxpress®, NTxscribe® ...

EnginZyme's Logo


Stockholm, Sweden

1-10 Employees


EnginZyme is a Swedish startup with the vision to make the chemical industry green by unlocking the potential in enzymes. EnginZyme’s founders decide to start the company over a beer in Stockholm. EnginZyme initiates its tenth joint development EziG-based project. EnginZyme announces a Series A investment of €6.4 million, led by leading European biotech VC firm Sofinnova Partners. EnginZyme Extends Series A to €11 Million, led by Industrifonden, followed by SEB Greentech VC and existing shareholders. EnginZyme is awarded Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum. EnginZyme raises €21 Million in Series B; new investors Almi Invest GreenTech, Navigare Ventures and Bunge Ventures. Our cell-free biomanufacturing platform is created through a best-in-class approach that combines the breadth and power of biology and the efficiencies of the chemical industry.


The versatile, scalable biomanufacturing platform

... The versatile, scalable biomanufacturing ...

level nine.'s Logo

level nine.

Berlin, Germany

1-10 Employees


Core business

Level Nine | Next Generation Biomanufacturing | Berlin, Germany

... Level Nine | Next Generation Biomanufacturing | Berlin, ...

Waisman Biomanufacturing's Logo

Waisman Biomanufacturing

Madison, United States

11-50 Employees


Waisman Biomanufacturing has manufactured hundreds of clinical grade products since inception in 2001 and has earned a reputation as a strategic partner for cost effective and timely delivery. We strive to meet these high standards with each manufacturing campaign or development program.

Core business

Our Leadership - Waisman Biomanufacturing

... Our Leadership - Waisman Biomanufacturing ...

Liberation Labs's Logo

Liberation Labs


1-10 Employees


Our mission is to design, build and operate a purpose-built precision fermentation platform with global reach, so that visionaries can be entirely focused on advancing the potential of biology. Without our platform the industry is stalled, unable to commercialize the bioproducts of the future – foods, materials, and yet to be discovered breakthroughs that will make all of our lives better. Liberation Labs’ first-of-kind precision fermentation facilities are expertly engineered to deliver cost-effective, high-yield production of novel bioproducts and accelerate consumer adoption of sustainable alternatives. Our network of fermentation facilities will transform today’s constrained and inefficient contract manufacturing landscape with strategically designed and located purpose-built facilities, adaptable to fit 80% or more of the bioproducts market. Our aim is to deliver a global solution that unlocks the potential of biotech. Driven by integrity, innovation, and sustainability, our team of thought leaders is passionate about delivering market leading solutions to become the global leader for precision fermentation manufacturing. Co-founders, Mark Warner and Etan Bendheim, are mission-driven experts in strategic development, scaling and commercialization for novel protein companies, including management, design, construction, and process innovation which is unrivaled in the industry. Jessica is a strategic finance executive with long-term vision.

Core business

The future of biomanufacturing

... The future of biomanufacturing Our mission is to design, build and ...

planetarygroup's Logo



11-50 Employees


Core business

Biomanufacturing for planetary health.

... Biomanufacturing for planetary health. ...

Biospring Partners's Logo

Biospring Partners

New York, United States

1-10 Employees


Biospring Partners was founded in 2020 to invest in companies with the potential to fundamentally shift how technology is utilized across the life sciences sector. Prior to Biospring, Jeff served as the CFO of NFX. Prior to Biospring, Sid worked in Investment Banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Westlake Securities. Prior to Biospring, Socrates spent several years on the Translational Sciences team at UPMC Enterprises, which is the investment and commercialization arm of UPMC. Prior to Biospring, John led various advertising and analytics initiatives for brands like Google, Microsoft, and Uber. Prior to Biospring, Precious spent ten years at General Atlantic in the Healthcare and Life Sciences group. As a VP on Biospring’s investment team, you will be a driver of the firm’s investing and portfolio management activities. Biospring Partners is a growth equity firm leveraging deep sector experience to partner with leading companies on their path towards solving our world's greatest challenges.

Core business

Biomanufacturing: A Growing Field

... Biomanufacturing: A Growing ...

Tailwind Biotech's Logo

Tailwind Biotech

Copenhagen, Denmark

1-10 Employees


At Tailwind Biotech we are revolutionizing the way bioscientists and researchers will approach DNA design in the coming future. Our technology designs best-in-class DNA sequences that help to maximize biologic manufacturing outputs while reducing development costs. More effective bioproductions resulting in higher outputs and more product to sell. Increased time and cost control over protein production during fermentation or cultivation.


Boost biomanufacturing productivity while reducing R&D costs, for a positive impact on your bottom line.

... that help to maximise biomanufacturing yields while reducing ...

Northern RNA Inc.'s Logo

Northern RNA Inc.

Calgary, Canada

11-50 Employees


We are a Canadian Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) focused on End-to-End Supply of Nucleic Acid Products. Our offerings include Research, GMP-Start, cGMP grade manufacturing of cap analogs, cell banks, plasmid DNA, mRNA and more. We specialize in the production of nucleic acid products that support life-enabling work. We support our clients by providing scalable manufacturing capacity and help them accelerate innovation in bringing their products from benchtop to bedside or field.



... Biomanufacturing | Northern ...

BioFactura's Logo


Frederick, United States

1-10 Employees


For over 15 years, BioFactura has been advancing life-saving medicines from the research bench to the patient using its innovative drug and vaccine development and manufacturing technologies. BioFactura’s management team is comprised of individuals with extensive industry leadership, experience and complementary skill sets. BioFactura’s management team ensures investors and partners delivery of performance and value. BioFactura develops and manufactures high-value biosimilars, biodefense medical countermeasures, and client-selected novel drugs.. BioFactura is committed to identifying and fulfilling unmet global biomedical and national biodefense needs.. BioFactura has developed the StableFastTM Biomanufacturing Platform, a novel system to rapidly generate stable.. BioFactura’s biopharmaceutical industry experience is grounded in bioprocess development,scale-up, and manufacturing.. BioFactura develops and manufactures high-value biosimilars, biodefense medical countermeasures, and client-selected novel drugs.

Core business

BioFactura – BioFactura – The Biosimilar, Biodefense, Biomanufacturing Company

... – BioFactura – The Biosimilar, Biodefense, Biomanufacturing ...

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Things to know about Biomanufacturing

What is Biomanufacturing?

Biomanufacturing represents a cutting-edge sector within the biotechnological industry, fundamentally characterized by the use of living systems, such as microorganisms or biological substances, to produce commercial products. These products range widely, from medicines, including vaccines and antibodies, to more sustainable biofuels and biodegradable plastics. Central to this process is the manipulation of DNA within these organisms, enabling them to produce substances they wouldn't naturally create or to increase the yield of substances they do. This scientific marvel has significantly revolutionized various fields, most notably pharmaceuticals and environmental sustainability. In pharmaceuticals, biomanufacturing has facilitated the development of targeted therapies with fewer side effects, addressing diseases with precision and efficiency previously deemed unattainable. Meanwhile, in the realm of environmental science, it has pioneered the creation of eco-friendly alternatives to traditional, petroleum-based products, marking a critical stride towards mitigating the effects of climate change. The impact of biomanufacturing is, therefore, profound, heralding a new era in both medicine and environmental conservation by harnessing the power of biology for innovative, sustainable solutions. Its role is pivotal, representing the convergence of technology and natural science to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time.

Advantages of Biomanufacturing

1. Sustainability
Biomanufacturing processes are renowned for their reduced environmental impact compared to traditional manufacturing methods. By utilizing renewable resources and biological systems, biomanufacturing minimizes waste production and energy consumption, contributing significantly to sustainability efforts and reducing the carbon footprint of industrial operations.

2. Cost-effectiveness
One of the compelling advantages of biomanufacturing is its potential to lower production costs. The use of microorganisms or cell cultures can lead to more efficient production processes, reducing the need for expensive chemicals and energy inputs. This efficiency not only makes biomanufacturing economically attractive but also enables the production of high-quality products at a lower cost.

3. Customization and Innovation
Biomanufacturing offers unparalleled flexibility in product development, allowing for the customization of materials and products with specific properties. This adaptability facilitates innovation in various fields, including pharmaceuticals, where biomanufacturing techniques are critical for developing new vaccines and therapies. The ability to tailor products to meet specific needs enhances the potential for breakthroughs and advancements in technology and medicine.

How to select right Biomanufacturing supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Scalability
Ensure the supplier has facilities and capabilities to scale up production in response to your business needs.

2. Quality Compliance
Verify that the supplier complies with regulatory requirements and quality standards relevant to biomanufacturing, such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

3. Technical Expertise
Assess the supplier's experience and expertise in biomanufacturing, particularly in the specific technologies or processes relevant to your product.

4. Cost-Effectiveness
Consider the supplier's pricing structure to ensure it aligns with your budget while still delivering quality results.

5. Timeliness
Check the supplier's track record for meeting production deadlines to ensure they can accommodate your project timelines.

6. Confidentiality and IP Protection
Ensure the supplier has measures in place to protect your intellectual property and confidential information. These criteria are essential in selecting a biomanufacturing supplier that meets your project's needs and standards.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Biomanufacturing?

Biomanufacturing is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry by enabling the mass production of therapeutic proteins and vaccines. This process involves using living cells as factories to produce complex biological molecules under controlled conditions. It significantly reduces production times and costs, allowing pharmaceutical companies to meet the growing demand for biologics and vaccines efficiently. In the agricultural sector, biomanufacturing plays a pivotal role in developing biopesticides and biofertilizers. By harnessing the power of microorganisms, companies can produce eco-friendly alternatives to chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This approach not only promotes sustainable agriculture but also improves crop yield and resilience, offering a competitive edge to agribusinesses in the global market. The cosmetic industry benefits from biomanufacturing through the sustainable production of bioactive compounds for skincare and beauty products. Utilizing biotechnological processes, companies can extract valuable ingredients from natural sources, such as plants and algae, with greater purity and consistency. This method supports the industry's shift towards natural and organic products, catering to the rising consumer demand for environmentally friendly and ethical beauty solutions. Biomanufacturing is also instrumental in the environmental sector for waste management and bioremediation. By employing engineered bacteria and enzymes, businesses can effectively break down pollutants and industrial waste, mitigating environmental impact. This innovative approach offers a greener alternative to traditional waste treatment methods, highlighting biomanufacturing's versatility across various B2B applications.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Biomanufacturing

Biomanufacturing, a domain at the forefront of combining biological processes with manufacturing technologies to produce biomaterials, biopharmaceuticals, and other bio-based products, is currently positioned at various Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) ranging from 4 to 7. This range is indicative of the sector's transition from validating laboratory-scale processes (TRL 4) to integrating and demonstrating these processes in relevant environments (TRLs 5-6), and eventually, to system prototype demonstration in operational environments (TRL 7). The variance in TRL across the biomanufacturing field is largely due to the complex nature of scaling biological systems, which are sensitive to environmental conditions and require precise control over biological pathways to ensure product consistency and quality. Technical challenges such as optimizing yield, ensuring reproducibility across batches, and integrating bioprocessing steps while maintaining bioactivity and purity of the products contribute to the staggered TRL progression. Additionally, regulatory considerations, given the novel nature of many biomanufactured products, often require extensive validation to demonstrate safety and efficacy, further influencing the pace at which technology moves through the TRLs. As advancements in synthetic biology, automation, and process analytics continue to evolve, they hold the potential to address these technical barriers, pushing biomanufacturing towards higher TRLs and broader commercial application.

What is the Technology Forecast of Biomanufacturing?

In the short-term, biomanufacturing is set to experience significant advancements in precision and efficiency. The introduction of CRISPR technology for gene editing enables more precise manipulation of biological systems, enhancing the production of biologics and reducing costs. Additionally, advancements in bioreactors, such as single-use systems, are streamlining the manufacturing process, making it more flexible and reducing the risk of contamination. These innovations are paving the way for faster development and production of vaccines and therapeutics. Looking at the mid-term, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) within biomanufacturing processes is expected to revolutionize the sector. AI-driven predictive models will optimize production processes, improve yield, and reduce waste, enabling more sustainable practices. Furthermore, the advent of digital twin technology will allow for the virtual simulation of biomanufacturing processes, facilitating better planning, troubleshooting, and efficiency enhancements. These technologies will significantly decrease time-to-market for new drugs and bioproducts. In the long-term, the focus will shift towards personalized medicine and the biomanufacturing of complex biologics, such as organoids and personalized cell therapies. Advances in 3D bioprinting and the cultivation of tissues and organs in vitro will open new frontiers in regenerative medicine and transplantation. Moreover, the development of closed-loop systems for continuous manufacturing will ensure the constant production of high-quality biopharmaceuticals, meeting the growing demand for personalized treatments and reducing healthcare costs. These groundbreaking technologies promise to redefine healthcare and biomanufacturing landscapes.

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