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Creative Proteomics's Logo

Creative Proteomics

Shirley, United States

51-100 Employees


Honestly, we are surprised by technical expertise and professional platform in Creative Proteomics. Our vision is to be the global leader in providing proteomics services and solutions. Creative Proteomics has gradually developed into an integrated company that provides proteomics, metabolomics, glycomics, and bioinformatics analysis services to researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agriculture and nutrition industries, as well as academic and government organizations. With a continuing focus on quality, we are proud of satisfying the needs of our clients both at home and abroad covering more than 50 countries and districts. Our proteome analysis platform provides protein separation, characterization, identification and quantification services, featured with high throughput and super-sensitivity. We can provide a wide range of metabolomics services from discovery to targeted analysis. We continuously improve the quality to offer both industry-use and research-use services to support our global clients with high-quality results and exceptional customer support. They did provide us with the best data to meet our needs.”.

Core business

Working at Creative Proteomics

... Working at Creative Proteomics is all about creating breakthroughs and ...

aimed analytics's Logo

aimed analytics

Bonn, Germany

1-10 Employees


We are shaping the future of medicine through the power of data analytics. We are united by the fact that ideas inspire us and we do not shy away from risk. Then we deliver better solutions and products for our customers. We are using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) as a goal-setting framework that helps us to focus by providing a clear and measurable way to set and track progress. We are one team with a strong overarching self-image. At aimed analytics, our mission is to unlock the full potential of your medical data. In particular, experts who combine a comprehensive biological understanding with bioinformatics know-how are rare. We meet at eye level and keep hierarchies low and flexible, because this is the only way we are agile and can make decisions quickly and with conviction.



... Proteomics provides insights into how proteins interact to create a ...

Evogen's Logo


Kansas City, United States

1-10 Employees


Our mission is to offer cost-effective technologies that rapidly, accurately and conveniently provide answers in Neurology Precision Medicine, Reagent Technology, or Biothreat analysis. Gledhill has led Evogen’s efforts in proteomics and genomics, including bioinformatic pipelines, biostatistics and algorithms. Evogen Presents Data Showing Its Proteomic Biomarkers Monitor Seizure Burden to Aid in Epilepsy Management. Evogen Awarded Grant to Advance Its Biomarker-Based Epilepsy Diagnostic. Evogen Study Identifies New Proteomic Biomarkers for Diagnosis of Epileptic Seizures. Evogen Focuses on Diagnostics with Epilepsy (Site Subscription Required). Evogen, Inc 727 Norristown Road – 3 Spring House Innovation Park (Suite 104) Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002. We do this to protect and save lives, address unmet medical needs, provide for better prevention and treatment outcomes and reduce the long-term growth of health care costs.

Core business

Evogen: The Leader in Neurology Proteomics & Genomics

... Evogen: The Leader in Neurology Proteomics & ...

Proteome Sciences's Logo

Proteome Sciences

London, United Kingdom

11-50 Employees


Our proteomics expertise provides complementary and enabling content and insight for our customers to develop more effective, time and cost-efficient healthcare solutions. To enable targeted therapeutics by delivering innovative proteomic services.


Speciality Proteomics

... Challenge us with your hard to accomplish proteomic assay ...

Nordic Preclinical Sciences AB's Logo

Nordic Preclinical Sciences AB

Stockholm, Sweden

1-10 Employees


We provide expert services in Proteomics, Transcriptomics (NGS) and Bioinformatics analyses in therapeutic areas- Oncology, Immuno-Oncology, Immunology/Inflammation, Respiratory diseases, Neurological diseases, Cardiovascular diseases, Kidney diseases. We provide high quality services at affordable prices that meets our sponsor requirements. To be your preferred and trusted premier partner to support the preclinical research of your drug development programs by making cutting-edge techniques and methods easily accessible to our sponsors for their clinical success. We offer flexibility in our services to our sponsors so that they have the right science at the right time.


RedOx Proteomics

... Nordic Preclinical Sciences - RedOx Proteomics ...

Seer's Logo


Temecula, United States

51-100 Employees


Explore Seer’s growing catalog of 36K+ multi-species proteins—definitively identified by our technology — to see how you can push the boundaries of your proteomics and genomics research. Our goal is to empower the scientific community with tools to achieve exceptional scientific outcomes. We are committed to eliminating technology barriers that have kept proteomics from advancing at the pace we have seen in genomics, transcriptomics and other similar fields. At Seer, proteomics is the next frontier in biology motivating us every day in everything we do. Learn what Seer’s approach can mean for your research. Top researchers are using Seer’s Proteograph™ platform and our technology has been featured in a range of scientific papers and posters. Quickly and accurately analyze your data, investigate complex biology, and discover new biomarkers with Seer’s powerful, easy-to-use Proteograph™ Analysis Suite.

Core business

Push the boundaries in proteomics. Introducing the

... the proteome, so your proteomics research gains flexibility, ...

Astrin Biosciences's Logo

Astrin Biosciences

Excelsior, United States

11-50 Employees


Core business

Liquid Biopsy + Proteomics

... Liquid Biopsy + Proteomics ...

Bio-Helix Co. LTD.'s Logo

Bio-Helix Co. LTD.

New Taipei, Taiwan

11-50 Employees


Bio-Helix has been focusing on providing the best bio-reagents for life science researchers all over the world since 2007. Our products, to name a few, include DNA markers, protein markers, pre-cast protein gel, nucleic acid purification, PCR reagents and so on. In Bio-Helix, a new brand, LifeDirex, is created to fulfill this vision. Our mission is to provide the best quality products and to develop novel technologies that assist researchers to find solutions in quest of scientific achievements. It is our goal to become the best solution provider for both research laboratory and IVDD. Bio-Helix is not only a company of equal opportunity but also works hard to provide a friendly and growing environment. We are focused on the life science of greatest need since 2007, on the ways in which we can do the most good. BIO-HELIX has a growing worldwide network of dedicated distributors.


Proteomic Products

... Proteomic ...

Proteome Factory AG's Logo

Proteome Factory AG

Berlin, Germany

1-10 Employees


The Proteome Factory AG is a modern biotech company specialized in proteomics, protein analysis, target validation and bioinformatics. The innovative proteomics platform ensures high sensitive and simultaneous analyses of a vast amount of proteins.Reverse-Proteomics (pharmaco proteomics) facilitates investigation of molecular mode of action and toxicology of drugs and other compounds. Furthermore combination of de novo peptide sequencing by state-of-the-art mass spectrometry, HPLC, N-terminal protein and peptide sequencing allows Proteome Factory a reliable identification of post translational modifications (e.g. Metal coded tagging (MeCAT) is a novel class of labeling reagents allowing quantitative multiplex analyses of several complex protein samples at the same time. Welcome to Proteome Factory AG!Your specialist in contract research, fee-for-service and products for proteomics, biomarker & target discovery and validation, protein identification and characterization with more than 15 years experience in modern protein analysis and proteomics. We offer fully supported contract research, fee-for-services and advanced products for gel-based and gel-free proteome analysis (proteomics), protein identification, protein & peptide sequencing, characterization, analysis and epitope mapping by MS.State-of-the-art technologies and methods are routinely employed for differential proteomics studies and quantification and validation of regulated proteins, biomarkers and targets. Proteomics and protein analysis products, Proteomik und Proteinanalyse Produkte.


MeCAT Proteomics Kit

... Proteome Factory - MeCAT Proteomics ...

MSAID's Logo


Garching bei München, Germany

11-50 Employees


MSAID is a privately-held informatics spin-off from the Chair of Proteomics and Bioanalytics at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. The company was founded by an interdisciplinary team of scientists with the vision to provide better computational solutions to the field of proteomics. Our team members have an exceptionally strong track record and long-standing expertise in the acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of proteomic data. As the leader in proteomics artificial intelligence, we replace current algorithms with powerful, AI-based solutions and pave the way for a deeper, and more reliable way of interrogating proteomics data. Powered by vast amounts of training data, we develop deep learning models for bottom-up proteomics and integrate them into innovative software solutions:. Our generic deep learning framework provides the flexibility to expand our prediction capabilities and customize them to your needs, instruments, and infrastructure. With our long-standing expertise in proteomics and proteomic data analysis, we are the perfect partner to test, evaluate and improve your proteomics data workflows.



... for a deeper, and more reliable way of interrogating proteomics data. ...

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Things to know about Proteomic

What is Proteomic?

Proteomics is a branch of molecular biology focused on the comprehensive study of proteomes, which are the entire set of proteins produced or modified by an organism or system. This scientific discipline employs techniques such as mass spectrometry, protein microarrays, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, and bioinformatics to identify, quantify, and study the structure, function, and interactions of proteins on a large scale. The field of proteomics is critical as proteins are vital components of living organisms, with roles in virtually all biological processes. They serve as enzymes catalyzing biochemical reactions, structural components providing cellular integrity, and signaling molecules mediating communication both within and between cells. Proteomics offers profound insights into the physiological and pathological processes occurring in living organisms by enabling the analysis of protein expression levels, modifications, localization, and interactions under various conditions. This comprehensive understanding aids in identifying disease biomarkers, understanding disease mechanisms, and developing targeted therapies. Consequently, proteomics has a significant impact on the advancement of personalized medicine, where treatments can be tailored based on an individual's proteome, thereby improving the efficacy of therapeutic interventions and reducing side effects. The field's advancements continue to revolutionize our understanding of biology, fostering innovations in diagnosis, treatment, and preventive healthcare strategies.

Advantages of Proteomic

1. Comprehensive Protein Analysis:
Proteomics offers a broad and detailed view of the proteins present in a sample, including their modifications and interactions. This comprehensive analysis is essential for understanding complex biological processes and disease mechanisms, which might be overlooked by focusing solely on genomics or transcriptomics.

2. Improved Drug Discovery and Personalized Medicine:
By identifying specific protein biomarkers and pathways involved in diseases, proteomics enhances the development of targeted therapies and personalized medicine. It enables researchers to discover novel drug targets and tailor treatments to individual patients' proteomic profiles, leading to more effective and less toxic therapies.

3. Dynamic Insights into Cellular Processes:
Unlike genomics, which provides a static view of potential cellular capabilities, proteomics reveals the dynamic aspects of cellular functioning. It tracks changes in protein expression, modifications, and interactions in response to various stimuli or conditions, offering a real-time glimpse into cellular processes.

4. Technological Advancements and Accessibility:
Recent advancements in mass spectrometry and bioinformatics have significantly increased the sensitivity, speed, and throughput of proteomic analyses, making it more accessible and applicable to a wide range of biological questions and clinical applications.

How to select right Proteomic supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Technological Capabilities
Ensure the supplier has state-of-the-art technology for proteomic analysis, including mass spectrometry and protein microarrays, which are crucial for high-quality results.

2. Experience and Expertise
Look for suppliers with a proven track record and expertise in proteomics, ideally with publications or case studies demonstrating their work.

3. Quality Control Processes
Check that the supplier has strict quality control measures in place to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of their proteomic analyses.

4. Customization Options
The ability to tailor services to your specific project needs is crucial. Ensure the supplier can customize their proteomic services to meet your research objectives.

5. Turnaround Time
Consider the supplier's ability to deliver results within your project timelines. Fast turnaround times are often critical in research projects.

6. Confidentiality and Data Security
Assess the supplier's measures to protect your data and ensure confidentiality, especially if your research involves sensitive or proprietary information.

7. Customer Support and Communication
Evaluate the supplier’s responsiveness and the quality of customer support. Good communication is essential for addressing any issues or questions that arise during the project.

8. Cost-effectiveness
While not compromising on quality, compare the pricing of different suppliers to ensure you are getting good value for your investment in proteomic analysis.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Proteomic?

In the pharmaceutical industry, proteomics plays a crucial role in drug discovery and development. By analyzing the protein expressions in healthy versus diseased tissues, companies can identify potential drug targets more effectively. This approach accelerates the development of targeted therapies, enabling pharmaceutical companies to bring more precise and effective drugs to market faster. It's a game-changer for personalized medicine, where treatments can be tailored to the individual's proteomic profile. The biotechnology sector leverages proteomics for biomarker discovery. Biomarkers are vital for the early detection of diseases, monitoring disease progression, and predicting treatment response. Through proteomic analyses, biotech firms can uncover specific proteins associated with particular conditions, leading to the development of diagnostic tests. This application not only facilitates earlier and more accurate disease detection but also opens avenues for creating personalized treatment plans. In agriculture, proteomic technologies are employed to enhance crop yield and resistance to pests and diseases. By studying the protein expressions in plants under various conditions, companies can genetically engineer crops to express desirable traits such as drought resistance or increased nutritional value. This use of proteomics ensures food security and sustainability, addressing the global challenge of feeding a growing population. Lastly, the cosmetic industry utilizes proteomics to understand skin biology better and develop more effective skincare products. By analyzing the protein composition of the skin, companies can identify which ingredients are most beneficial for different skin types and conditions. This leads to the creation of personalized skincare regimens that are scientifically proven to improve skin health and appearance. These use cases across diverse industries highlight the versatility and impact of proteomic technologies in driving innovation and addressing some of the most pressing challenges today.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Proteomic

As of the latest understanding, proteomic technologies broadly span a range of Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs), generally situated between TRL 4 and TRL 7. This positioning is primarily due to the diverse applications and the varying degrees of development and validation in different contexts. At the lower end, TRL 4, proteomics is undergoing active lab validation where the basic technological components are integrated for function in a controlled environment. This reflects the ongoing refinement of mass spectrometry techniques, bioinformatics tools, and sample preparation methods that are critical for identifying, quantifying, and studying proteins in complex biological samples. Moving toward the higher end, TRL 7, certain proteomic applications, particularly in diagnostics and personalized medicine, are demonstrating prototype system capabilities in operational environments. This progression is underpinned by technical advancements in sensitivity, resolution, and throughput of proteomic analysis platforms, alongside the development of robust databases and algorithms for protein identification and quantification. The variance in TRLs is indicative of the field's rapid evolution, driven by interdisciplinary research that leverages cutting-edge computational sciences, engineering, and molecular biology to address complex biological questions and health challenges. Nonetheless, the widespread translation of proteomic technologies into clinical and industrial applications remains contingent upon overcoming technical hurdles related to reproducibility, standardization, and data analysis, which are critical for advancing beyond TRL 7.

What is the Technology Forecast of Proteomic?

In the short-term, proteomic technologies are expected to experience significant advancements in mass spectrometry sensitivity and data analysis software. These enhancements will enable researchers to identify and quantify proteins with greater precision and at lower concentrations than currently possible. Additionally, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) for data interpretation will begin to streamline the identification of protein biomarkers, facilitating faster and more accurate disease diagnostics. Mid-term developments in proteomics are poised to revolutionize personalized medicine through the maturation of single-cell proteomics. This advancement will allow for the detailed analysis of individual cell proteomes, offering unprecedented insights into cellular functions and disease mechanisms. Coupled with improvements in protein imaging techniques, these technologies will provide a more comprehensive understanding of protein interactions and functions within complex biological systems. This period will also witness the emergence of more robust and cost-effective methods for large-scale proteomic studies, making it accessible to a broader range of research and clinical applications. Long-term, the field of proteomics is expected to achieve breakthroughs in predictive modeling of protein structures and functions using advanced computational techniques, including deep learning. This will pave the way for the rational design of proteins with specific functions, opening new frontiers in drug development, synthetic biology, and materials science. Furthermore, the integration of proteomics with other 'omics' technologies (genomics, metabolomics, etc.) will lead to a holistic understanding of biological systems, enabling personalized health interventions and treatments that are tailored to the individual’s molecular profile.

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