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Ambit's Logo


Kirkland, United States

1-10 Employees


Fortress is a highly secure and cutting-edge networking solution that offers a number of benefits for businesses and organizations. The ability to be Crypto-Agile ensures that all data transmitted across the network is compliant with today’s requirements while effortlessly allowing for Post-Quantum Encryption to be deployed. Post-Quantum encryption will ensure your organization’s data is protected, even against the threat of future quantum attacks. Fortress' architecture enables centralized control and management of the network, which results in increased efficiency and reduced operational costs. American Binary’s Crypto-Agile network protocols and post-quantum disk encryption software offer organizations the most advanced level of security for their data and communications.


Kyber Drive: Post-Quantum Disk Encryption

... We offer Post Quantum Encryption at OSI layers 5, 3,2, and 1. We also ...

Crown Sterling's Logo

Crown Sterling

Newport Beach, United States

11-50 Employees


We provide transformational technologies that both establish and advance Data Sovereignty for all. Our team is dedicated to Data Sovereignty, including everyone's right to freedom of speech, ownership of their data and protecting proof of self. “With our novel compression technology & Quantum-Secure Encryption products, I envision Crown Sterling at the heart of the Web 3.0 revolution.”. A critical aspect of humanity moving forward is a trusted platform that can keep pace with the technological landscape. A prime number prediction pattern discovered and published by Robert Grant and Talal Ghannam, led Grant to look deeper into the vulnerabilities presented by quantum computing, and engineer the solution using a geometric approach.


Quantum-Secure Encryption

... Quantum Resistant Encryption | Crown ...

Asperiq's Logo


Lund, Sweden

11-50 Employees


This is why Asperiq offers scalable security solutions that extend beyond our world-class encryption technology and physical boxes. We are committed to learn from you as well as transfer our skills and know-how to you, and we work with local and global partners to deliver on our promise. We are a European company with offices in Sweden and Switzerland, with local presence in South East Asia and Middle East. The Asperiq team includes some of the most senior experts in the industry, as well as a number of rising stars within encryption technology and scalable security architectures. Asperiq develops, integrates and maintains cyber protection solutions for governments, NGOs and critical infrastructure organisations. Asperiq is a fully independent European company with offices in Sweden and Switzerland, and local presence in South East Asia and the Middle East. The Asperiq IQ Connect mobile solution is centrally deployed on-premise to obtain complete control of the users and application usage on a high level of security. We are eager to engage to discuss your operational needs and how you could influence our future roadmap.


Quantum-Safe Encryption Technology - Asperiq

... Quantum-Safe Encryption Technology - ...

QuantLR's Logo


Netanya, Israel

1-10 Employees


QuantLR and PacketLight Networks announce the successful integration of the QKD with OTN encrypted transport to accomplish a quantum-safe encrypted network. Founded in 2018, HEQA Security brings a quantum leap for secure communication. Later co-founded ClearML, the world’s leading MLOps OSS platform, serving as CEO and Chairman.

Core business

Quantum encryption cannot be broken, ever, even by quantum computers

... of worldwide experts in quantum encryption, cryptography, optics, and ...

Cellframe Network's Logo

Cellframe Network

San Francisco, United States

11-50 Employees


Core business

Why is Post-Quantum Encryption Important?

... Why is Post-Quantum Encryption Important? ...

Fibre Systems's Logo

Fibre Systems

Cambridge, United Kingdom

- Employees


Fibre Systems is a trusted information source for the optical communications industry, aimed at component and subsystem vendors; network equipment manufacturers; planners, installers, and systems integrators; as well as operators and end-users of fibre-optic networks worldwide. Access to key resources including case studies, product launches, and technology focuses. Access to online content including webinars and roundtables with leading industry voices. A trusted information source for the optical communications industry, Fibre Systems provides an unrivalled platform for success. Imaging & Machine Vision Europe, Europe's only dedicated publication for design and production engineers working in the industrial imaging and machine vision markets. Electro Optics, is the leading publication aimed at engineers involved in photonics business, technology and application. Scientific Computing World, a title dedicated to the use of software by scientists and engineers, with additional focus on high-performance computing for this sector.

Core business

Nokia, Proximus demo network security with hybrid quantum encryption key trial

... , Proximus demo network security with hybrid quantum encryption key ...



Riga, Latvia

- Employees


With a pragmatic approach to complex technology development processes, Girts Kronbergs moves the company towards building industry-changing innovations. A visionary technology developer with extensive experience in hardware and software development. The ex-Minister of Defense of the Republic of Latvia. Experience in engineering, law, defense and security management. A team of 10+ experienced professionals in areas such as engineering, front & back-end programming, legal, design, and marketing.

Core business

Quantum-secure encryption for connecting mission critical infrastructure and industrial IoT over public mobile networks.

... Quantum-secure encryption for connecting mission critical infrastructure ...

SecureFoundry Inc's Logo

SecureFoundry Inc

Fort Worth, United States

1-10 Employees


SecureFoundry is a fast-moving and aggressive technology company focused on bringing to market low volume semiconductor manufacturing capabilities. XQMsg selects SecureFoundry's NIST qualified Quantum RNG for Indiana's 5G encryption. We believe our capability will spark an era of commercialization and usher in an exciting new wave of technologies.

Core business

SecureFoundry provides quantum encryption to 5G Zones

... SecureFoundry provides quantum encryption to 5G ...

Stealth Grid's Logo

Stealth Grid

Escondido, United States

1-10 Employees


Our mission is to enable and empower them to harness the full potential of the Cloud. Stealth Grid is a trailblazer providing quantum cyber security solutions across diverse industry sectors, encompassing blockchain, banking, government technology, IoT, manufacturing, encrypted unified communications, cloud, and mobile. Going beyond the horizon, we are actively developing the Quantum Secure Digital Identity (QSDI) global ecosystem, surpassing existing ID systems with unparalleled global reach, steadfast privacy, and on-demand accessibility. Our foundation is built on exceptional technical expertise and unparalleled market knowledge, with two-thirds of our dedicated workforce actively engaged in R&D. With an international team of security experts and renowned cryptographers, we take immense pride in fortifying your digital world like no other. Our cutting-edge technology positions us as the leading Cyber Security Specialists for the Internet of Things. Every aspect of our work is meticulously crafted to safeguard your privacy and deliver the most robust cyber security worldwide.

Core business

Building a quantum cyber security legacy with decentralized dynamic split quantum encryption, dynamic GeoDistribution, quantum number generation, quantum key distribution and authentication. The Ultimate in Quantum Secure Cryptography

... dynamic split quantum encryption, dynamic GeoDistribution, ...

Datagemini.Sierra's Logo


Singapore, Singapore

1-10 Employees


Find out about our products and services that will provide help your business to stay safe, be relevant and sustainable. Today, in the digital world, it is of paramount importance to provide safe and cost-efficient connectivity to your customers and employees. Coverage and un-interrupted services become extremely important for business to grow and be trusted. Our range of innovative and functional products with its unique selling point for corporates will enhance productivity, service excellence, communications and time management. Design System Integration Designing the system integration is the most work-intensive and time-consuming phase as it outlines the process, system tests, methods, and logistics. Security researchers found a new service called Dark Utilities that provides an easy inexpensive way for cybercriminals to set up a command and control (C2) center for their malicious operations.

Core business

Single-Core CPU Cracked Post-Quantum Encryption Candidate Algorithm in Just an Hour

... -Core CPU Cracked Post-Quantum Encryption Candidate Algorithm in Just ...

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Things to know about Quantum Encryption

What is Quantum Encryption?

Quantum encryption, also known as quantum cryptography, employs the principles of quantum mechanics to secure communication between two parties, ensuring that any attempt at interception or eavesdropping can be detected immediately. At its core, this method leverages the unique behavior of quantum particles, such as photons, where measuring a quantum state inherently alters that state. This characteristic is utilized in quantum key distribution (QKD), the most well-known application of quantum encryption, allowing two users to generate a shared, random secret key used to encrypt and decrypt messages. A fundamental advantage of quantum encryption is its theoretical invulnerability to computational decryption, regardless of the computing power available, including that of future quantum computers. This contrasts starkly with conventional encryption methods, which could potentially be broken by quantum computing algorithms. The impact of quantum encryption is profound, heralding a paradigm shift in secure communication. Its development and implementation could revolutionize data security, particularly in fields requiring stringent confidentiality, such as national security, financial services, and personal data protection. As the technology matures and becomes more widely accessible, it promises to set a new standard for secure communication, making it an essential area of research and investment within the cybersecurity domain.

Advantages of Quantum Encryption

1. Enhanced Security
Quantum encryption leverages the principles of quantum mechanics, making it virtually impossible for hackers to intercept or tamper with data without detection. This method utilizes quantum key distribution (QKD), which ensures that any attempt at eavesdropping alters the quantum state of the data, alerting the sender and receiver to the intrusion.

2. Future-Proof Technology
As computational power grows, traditional encryption methods become more vulnerable to attacks by powerful quantum computers. Quantum encryption, on the other hand, is designed to be secure against the capabilities of future quantum computers, offering a long-term solution to data security.

3. Interoperability
Quantum encryption can operate alongside existing cryptographic frameworks, providing an additional layer of security without requiring a complete overhaul of current systems. This compatibility allows organizations to enhance their data protection measures incrementally, without significant disruptions to their operations.

4. Unconditional Security
The security guarantees provided by quantum encryption are based on the laws of physics, rather than the complexity of mathematical problems. This distinction ensures that its security does not rely on computational assumptions and remains robust against advancements in computing technology.

How to select right Quantum Encryption supplier?

While evaluating the different suppliers make sure to check the following criteria:

1. Quantum Encryption Technology
Ensure the supplier uses state-of-the-art quantum encryption technology. This includes quantum key distribution (QKD) capabilities, which are crucial for secure communications.

2. Scalability
The supplier's solutions should be scalable to meet your growing security needs. This is particularly important as data volumes and connectivity demands increase.

3. Integration Compatibility
The supplier's quantum encryption solutions must be compatible with your existing IT infrastructure. This minimizes the need for extensive modifications or overhauls.

4. Compliance and Certifications
Verify that the supplier adheres to relevant industry standards and holds certifications. This ensures that their solutions meet regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

5. Support and Maintenance
Consider the level of support and maintenance options offered. Reliable, round-the-clock support is essential for addressing any issues promptly and maintaining security integrity.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Quantum Encryption?

Quantum encryption offers unparalleled security benefits in the realm of cybersecurity, making it a crucial technology for industries focused on protecting sensitive data. One prominent use case is in the financial sector, where safeguarding transactions and customer data against cyber threats is paramount. Banks and financial institutions leverage quantum encryption to secure online transactions and communication, ensuring that any intercepted data remains indecipherable to unauthorized users. In the healthcare industry, patient confidentiality and the security of medical records are of utmost importance. Quantum encryption enables healthcare providers to protect patient data, ensuring that medical histories, personal information, and treatment plans are transmitted and stored securely. This technology helps in compliance with stringent regulations like HIPAA, offering a new level of data protection against potential breaches. Additionally, the technology sector itself stands to benefit significantly from quantum encryption. Companies that deal with large volumes of sensitive data, including cloud service providers and software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, can use this advanced encryption method to secure data storage and transfer. This ensures that intellectual property, customer data, and internal communications are safeguarded against evolving cyber threats. Quantum encryption's ability to offer theoretically unbreakable security makes it a valuable asset across these industries, promising a future where data breaches could become exceedingly rare.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Quantum Encryption

Quantum encryption, particularly Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), is currently assessed at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 4 to 6. This range indicates that quantum encryption technologies have transitioned from basic research and validation in controlled environments (TRL 4) to technology demonstrations in relevant environments (TRL 6). At this stage, the core principles of quantum encryption have been successfully demonstrated through laboratory experiments, showcasing the potential for unconditionally secure communication based on the principles of quantum mechanics. The primary technical reasons anchoring quantum encryption at this TRL involve challenges related to integration with existing telecommunications infrastructure, the need for specialized hardware (such as single-photon detectors and sources), and the limited distance over which secure communication can currently be maintained due to photon loss in optical fibers. Furthermore, while significant progress has been made in developing and testing quantum encryption systems under controlled conditions, the scalability and practical deployment of these systems in real-world scenarios remain under development. These technical hurdles are actively being addressed through ongoing research aimed at increasing the robustness, range, and interoperability of quantum encryption technologies with conventional communication systems, moving them closer to broader applicability and higher TRLs.

What is the Technology Forecast of Quantum Encryption?

In the Short-Term, quantum encryption will likely see advancements in quantum key distribution (QKD) techniques, making secure communication channels more accessible and affordable. This period will witness the integration of QKD systems into existing network infrastructures, enhancing data security against potential quantum computer threats. The development of compact, robust quantum encryption devices for commercial use is also anticipated, facilitating secure communication for businesses and governments. The Mid-Term phase is expected to bring about significant improvements in quantum network scalability and interoperability. As quantum networks expand, we will see the establishment of interconnected quantum encryption hubs, enabling secure, long-distance communication across the globe. This period will also likely see the development of new quantum encryption standards and protocols, aimed at ensuring compatibility and security across different quantum communication systems. In the Long-Term, the focus will shift towards achieving quantum supremacy in encryption, with the development of virtually unbreakable encryption methods. The advent of full-scale quantum computers will necessitate the widespread adoption of quantum encryption to safeguard sensitive information. This era will also likely witness the emergence of quantum internet, offering unprecedented levels of security and privacy for online communications, fundamentally transforming the landscape of digital security.

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