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Coefficient Marketing's Logo

Austin, United States

1-10 Employees


We help build a scalable product marketing strategy that supports the full buyer journey and prioritizes revenue generation. As former in-house marketers, designers and data optimizers, we are intimately familiar with building processes that scale.


Customer Journey Mapping

... Customer Journey Mapping | Coefficient ...

TheDecisionLabs's Logo

Sepang, Malaysia

11-50 Employees


TheDecisionLabs is an analytics company specializing in patient experience and patient engagement solutions of digital patient feedback, real time complaint management , instant service request management and on demand query management. Analytics embedded service management platform which helps patients to connect with service providers seamlessly through various digital channels and get served real time. We have been impressed with the product capabilities, flexibilities and technology support. Anupam has over 19 years experience in Analytics , Product Development and New Business Innovation . Anupam is a Senior Executive Fellow of Harvard Kennedy School and a regular speaker in various international conferences. Abhay has over 25 years experience in Product and Application Development across UK, Singapore, Malaysia and India . Ved has around 7 years experience across technology delivery and operations. Johnathan Lee is a very respected name in the field of Start up, Entrepreneurship and Business Advisory.

Core business

Customer Journey Mapping

... Customer Journey Mapping ...'s Logo

Stuttgart, Germany

1-10 Employees


Ein ansprechendes UX-Design ist der Schlüssel zur Schaffung einer positiven Kundenerfahrung.

Core business

Kundenerfahrung und Customer Journey Mapping

... Kundenerfahrung und Customer Journey Mapping ...



11-50 Employees


We develop web and mobile products with amazing interfaces and well-thought digital design concepts. Our goal in developing an AI chat assistant app was to create a user-friendly interface and a versatile toolset for various tasks, from social media content to essay writing. We believe in the power of design in software development. From traveling platforms to blockchain products, we put our heart into your products and strive to exceed your expectations. We look into products in a broader sense: bigger, more efficient, focused on the user. Before creating a product, our team makes every effort to study the client’s goals in depth. Headpix is an AI-powered product that provides headshot photography services to businesses of all sizes and industries. True North Business Exchange is a public platform for buying and selling U.S.


Customer Journey Mapping

... Customer Journey Mapping Services | ...

Smith+Co Consultancy's Logo

London, United Kingdom

1-10 Employees


Smith+Co offers end-to-end customer experience consulting in six areas:. The Smith + Co promise is that you only get experienced people with the expertise and energy to help you solve your problem. “Smith+Co developed a programme that went beyond the customer experience and helped us to design training that really engaged and brought the whole brand to life. The ‘Personality Experience’ has now been successfully rolled out across GB and the positive impact on both employee and customer experience has had a direct impact on commercial performance. Smith+Co are experts in this area and every member of the team was a pleasure to work with.


Customer Journey Mapping

... Customer Journey Mapping - Smith+ ...

Apiary Digital's Logo

Port Townsend, United States

1-10 Employees


We walk the talk of valuing client-partners and consultant-partners equally, which delivers exceptional results for both. Putting people first is the most leveraged business philosophy. Every Apiary consultant-partner is a bonafide expert in their area(s) of expertise, with an average of 12 years’ experience.


Customer Journey Mapping

... Customer Journey Mapping - Apiary ...

Kindred Strategy's Logo

Malmsbury, Australia

1-10 Employees


We regularly partner with experts in their fields who share our passion for solving problems for the humans behind the screens. To ensure your digital marketing evokes feelings in your target audiences and delivers them value. To deliver high-quality written content that serves the digital strategy. To deliver deep integrations between ticketing/CRM systems for our arts and events-based clients. These partners offer insights and sales analysis to cultivate data-driven decision-making. To deliver database solutions that support and integrate your digital eco-system. Our video creators know how to deliver the magic on briefs developed by Kindred Strategy. We understand that digital marketing tools are only as powerful as the solutions they provide to real human problems.


Customer Journey Mapping

... Improve the experiences that deliver the strongest results with Customer Journey Mapping that clarifies the perspectives of your audience personas. ...

Peopledesign's Logo

Grand Rapids, United States

11-50 Employees


Client IndustriesWe work with companies in many industries and have unique expertise in the commercial design industry. Strategy/InnovationPositioning and Value PropositionsGrowth OpportunitiesUser ResearchResearch SynthesisProduct StrategySustainability as Opportunity. The team delivered what we needed when we needed it.”. Product program sales were up 17% within a year of the launch.


Customer Journey Mapping

... Customer Journey Mapping | ...'s Logo

London, United Kingdom

11-50 Employees


Reduce the risk of failure when bringing a new product to the market with design sprints. Make more informed decisions about your digital product by using wireframes. Leverage the power of high-fidelity prototypes to make your product the best it can be. Work faster, produce higher quality products, reduce errors, and collaborate easily. Make your product the best it can be by leveraging the power of user testing. Improve your digital products by analysing their performance. Are you in need of Product Managers, Service Designers, UX Designers, Project Managers, Data Scientists? Is the level of risk involved appropriate for the overall strategy?


Improve Customer Experience Through Customer Journey Mapping

... Improve Customer Experience Through Customer Journey Mapping ...

Insitric Marketing's Logo


1-10 Employees


“… an idea marketer as well as an analytical marketer — a rare combination.”. “Steve is the ultimate marketing professional - an idea marketer as well as an analytical marketer ... a rare combination. He has a passion for the brand, knows the customer inside and out, is solution-driven and really goes after the business. If you need a top notch marketer to drive results and move you to the next level, Steve is it!”. “Steve is extremely astute and understands direct marketing inside and out.

Core business

Customer Journey Mapping

... Customer Journey Mapping ...

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Things to know about Customer Journey Mapping

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer Journey Mapping is a strategic process employed by businesses to visualize the path a customer takes from initial contact to the final purchase and beyond. This technique involves the creation of detailed diagrams or maps that represent the various stages, touchpoints, interactions, and emotions experienced by customers as they engage with a company's products or services. By illustrating the customer's experience from their perspective, it enables organizations to identify opportunities for improvement, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize the overall customer experience. The impact of customer journey mapping is profound within its field, as it provides valuable insights into customer needs, preferences, and pain points. This, in turn, allows businesses to tailor their strategies, processes, and communications to better align with their target audience's expectations. Moreover, by fostering a deeper understanding of the customer's journey, companies can more effectively allocate resources, streamline operations, and innovate solutions that address specific stages of the customer lifecycle. Consequently, customer journey mapping serves as a critical tool for enhancing customer engagement, loyalty, and advocacy, ultimately driving business growth and competitive advantage.

Advantages of Customer Journey Mapping

1. Enhanced Customer Understanding
Customer journey mapping provides a detailed visual representation of every interaction a customer has with a brand, leading to a deeper understanding of their needs, behaviors, and pain points. This insight allows businesses to tailor their services and products more effectively to meet customer expectations.

2. Improved Customer Experience
By identifying and addressing the critical touchpoints in the customer journey, businesses can streamline processes, eliminate obstacles, and ensure a smoother, more enjoyable experience. This proactive approach to resolving potential issues can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Increased Cross-Departmental Collaboration
The process of mapping the customer journey fosters collaboration among different departments within an organization. By working together to understand and optimize the customer journey, teams can align their goals and strategies, leading to a more cohesive and effective approach to customer service.

4. Better Allocation of Resources
Understanding the customer journey allows businesses to pinpoint where to invest their time, effort, and resources for the maximum impact. This strategic allocation can lead to more efficient operations and a higher return on investment.

How to select right Customer Journey Mapping supplier?

1. Comprehensive Toolset
Ensure the supplier provides a comprehensive suite of tools that support both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the customer journey. This should include data collection, visualization, and analytics capabilities.

2. Integration Capabilities
The ability to integrate with existing CRM, analytics, and marketing platforms is crucial for a seamless workflow and to leverage existing customer data effectively.

3. User Experience
Look for intuitive interfaces and user-friendly design in the software or service. This ensures that your team can adopt and utilize the tool efficiently without a steep learning curve.

4. Customization and Flexibility
The supplier should offer customization options to tailor the tool according to your specific business needs and customer journey complexities.

5. Support and Training
Evaluate the level of customer support and training provided. Adequate resources and responsive support are essential for troubleshooting and maximizing the tool's value.

6. Data Security
Verify the supplier's commitment to data security, including compliance with relevant regulations and standards, to protect sensitive customer information.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Customer Journey Mapping?

Customer journey mapping serves as a strategic tool across numerous industries, helping businesses understand and enhance the buyer's experience. In the tech sector, it's instrumental for identifying key interaction points, allowing companies to tailor their software or platforms to better meet customer needs. This understanding leads to improved usability and customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty and increased engagement. Within healthcare, journey mapping highlights patient touchpoints with service providers and medical products. By analyzing these interactions, healthcare companies can streamline processes, improve patient care, and ensure a smoother transition between different healthcare services. This holistic view is crucial for enhancing patient outcomes and satisfaction. In the manufacturing industry, customer journey mapping aids in pinpointing inefficiencies in the supply chain and customer service. By understanding the end-to-end process from production to delivery, manufacturers can optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve the overall customer experience. This approach not only strengthens relationships with existing clients but also attracts new ones by showcasing reliability and efficiency. Financial services leverage journey mapping to better understand client needs and pain points in transactions and consultations. This insight allows for the customization of financial products and services, enhancing client satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, loyalty. Through a deeper understanding of the customer journey, financial institutions can also identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring a smoother, more secure service experience.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) is a methodology used to visualize the path a customer takes when interacting with a product or service, from initial awareness to the post-purchase phase. This process stands at a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), approximately between TRL 7 to 9. This advanced positioning is due to the integration of sophisticated digital tools and data analytics platforms that have significantly enhanced the precision, depth, and scalability of journey mapping efforts. Technological advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence and big data analytics have enabled more accurate predictions of customer behavior and preferences, allowing for real-time adjustments and personalized customer experiences. Moreover, the proliferation of user experience (UX) design principles and customer-centric strategies in digital product development has further embedded CJM into the core practices of many organizations. The maturity of these technologies and methodologies signifies that CJM tools are not only well-developed but also extensively tested and validated in various operational environments. Consequently, CJM is effectively applied across industries to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business outcomes, underlining its high TRL and its critical role in contemporary customer experience management strategies.

What is the Technology Forecast of Customer Journey Mapping?

In the Short-Term, advancements in Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) technology will likely focus on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate data collection and analysis. This integration will enable businesses to instantly identify patterns and anomalies in customer behavior, providing real-time insights that can be used to enhance the customer experience. These tools will become more accessible to companies of all sizes, democratizing the ability to deliver personalized customer journeys at scale. Looking towards the Mid-Term, we can expect the emergence of more sophisticated predictive analytics within CJM platforms. These systems will not only analyze past customer behavior but also predict future actions with a higher degree of accuracy. This period will also see the rise of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in mapping customer journeys, allowing businesses to create more immersive and interactive experiences. This will enable a deeper understanding of customer emotions and reactions to various touchpoints. In the Long-Term, the frontier of CJM technology will be marked by the widespread adoption of blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT). Blockchain will ensure the security and transparency of customer data, while IoT devices will provide unprecedented levels of detail about customer habits and preferences. These technologies will enable a fully interconnected and seamless customer experience, where personalization reaches new heights, and customer satisfaction is significantly enhanced.

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