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GrooveData's Logo


San Diego, United States

1-10 Employees


GrooveData is your premier partner specializing in strategic consultation for evaluating, implementing, and scaling your customer data technologies. We offer workshops to help your teams grow adoption and get the most value out of your data.

Core business

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

... Customer Data Platform (CDP) ...

Lytics's Logo


Portland, United States

51-100 Employees


With Lytics Decision Engine — a data activation tool built for marketers — easily unlock the deep, actionable customer insights needed to drive 1:1 marketing experiences at scale. Leverage Lytics AI and machine learning to take the data you’ve collected and apply behavioral scoring, build behavioral audiences, uncover content affinities, and leverage our contextual chatbot powered by Google’s Vertex AI. Because Lytics CDP is powered by Google, every Lytics subscription includes a BigQuery warehouse for enhanced customer tracking. By choosing Lytics, you put your confidence in a privacy-centric CDP that powers unrivaled personalization while protecting and securing customers’ data. Lytics state-of-the art identity resolution merges users behavior across channels to form one unified customer identity. Lytics has enabled us to serve personalized dynamic content to customers based on what they’ve purchased from us in the past and what they’ve been browsing versus a one-size-fits-all approach. Lytics in-depth models and reports can be built and activated in minutes — offering consistently fast time to value. With Lytics Reports, uncover patterns to better understand what motivates your audiences, and translate that into campaigns for maximum relevancy and returns.

Core business

Home - Lytics Customer Data Platform (CDP)

... and flexible composable customer data platform (CDP) built for ...

Yozobi's Logo


London, United Kingdom

11-50 Employees


Yozobi is a full-service strategic partner to online start-ups, established digital businesses, and more traditional organisations seeking to modernize their products and services.We implement the latest technologies and innovative strategies to help supercharge clients' growth and delight their increasingly any-channel, digital-first customers. Our team of experts has the technical and commercial know-how to help supercharge your digital growth. Introduce new products and enter new markets with industry-leading digital solutions. Supercharge your digital products with features and data connected through APIs and SDKs. Leverage Cloud technologies to enhance productivity, reduce costs and improve security. Empower your Product & Marketing Teams with real-time customer data. Offer conversations over WhatsApp & other convenient digital channels to delight customers. Outsource your Digital Product Management to the experts.


Customer Data Platform (CDP)

... live data into their Customer Data Platforms (CDP) from their ...'s Logo

Copenhagen, Denmark

11-50 Employees


New version of Custimy is released with new features, fresh design and much more! Custimy secures one of biggest pre-seed funding rounds in Denmark and launches its Customer Data Platform. Custimy is created with to offer smaller e-commerce companies more actionable data to level the playing field. Custimy’s segmentation engine enabled us to engage different customer groups in order to increase their repurchasing rate. Custimy collects data from our tech stack and creates a good overview and insights on various aspects of our business. With Custimy we're able to identify the customers who are very likely to make refunds. Custimy has been a game changer in terms of serving data in a very detailed and actionable fashion. We believe in leveling the playing field in e-commerce, by delivering AI-powered solutions for businesses to scale and grow.

Core business

Custimy | Accelerate Your E-commerce

... Custimy is the #1 Customer Data Platform (CDP) for e-commerce companies ...

Spotler UK's Logo

Spotler UK

Guildford, United Kingdom

51-100 Employees


Spotler are ahead of the curve when it comes to engaging Business-to-Business leads and contacts across multiple touch-points and formats. Spotler is a great product, easy to use and gets great results. The Spotler Team led by David Riley went out of their way to patiently explain the problem and how we could fix it and they were will to handhold us throughout the process. Providing “SaaS with a service”, we pride ourselves on offering friendly, local in-market expertise to support the success of our customers. Our group of companies connect companies with their customers through innovative digital marketing and communications technologies. Offering a complete marketing automation platform for B2B, B2C & eCommerce marketers to run multi-channel campaigns. Thanks for your interest in Spotler and we’ll be in touch very soon to set up your free trial! We have been a customer with Spotler for just over a year now.

Core business

The Spotler Group acquires Squeezely a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP

... acquires Squeezely a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP | Spotler. ...

Ikue's Logo


London, United Kingdom

11-50 Employees


Ikue is the world’s first Customer Data Platform designed by telcos for telcos. Ikue makes your data intelligible, actionable and profitable. We are supported by 20 (and counting) data architects and software engineers with deep domain expertise in building telecoms platforms for some of the world’s largest operators. Ikue is the world’s first purpose-built CDP for telcos to help you deliver world-class customer experiences and drive growth. Ikue’s future-ready solutions give you a competitive edge. Ikue ingests high-volume data from multiple sources according to TM Forum specifications and puts your data to work for higher customer lifetime value and faster return on investment. With Ikue’s state-of-the-art data consolidation solution, in-depth industry experience and AI capabilities, we can now prioritize marketing and customer experience initiatives that make every day better for our customers.”. See how Ikue maximises the value of your data for optimised customer messaging that converts!


New Customer Data Platform (CDP) built for telcos by telcos launched

... New Customer Data Platform (CDP) built for telcos by telcos launched - ...

Activator Dealer Solutions - A Division of Dominion Dealer Solutions's Logo

Activator Dealer Solutions - A Division of Dominion Dealer Solutions

Norfolk, United States

1001-5000 Employees


Built on Salesforce, Activator is an out-of-the-box hybrid Customer Data Platform (CDP) and automated marketing Journey Builder for car dealers. Collect and unify data from multiple sources, then automate and apply that data to Activator's Multichannel Marketing Journeys to enhance customer engagement and promote dealership efficiency, ultimately leading to increased sales and service-driven revenue. Guided by marketing experts with years of automotive experience, monitor engagement and ROI trends with reporting and easily adjust to dealership and industry changes. Stay ahead of changing industry conditions with a solution that provides a clearer picture of your customers and builds reliable marketing you can trust. Our team of experts will guide you through the platform's features and capabilities to demonstrate how Activator can help you achieve your dealership goals. Don't wait – schedule your demo now and see what Activator can do for you!

Core business


... an out-of-the-box hybrid Customer Data Platform(CDP) and automated ...

Apteco GmbH's Logo

Apteco GmbH

Frankfurt, Germany

11-50 Employees


Eine End-to-End-Plattform für actionable Marketing Insights, die eine Verbindung zu Ihren Daten schafft. Verbinden Sie Datenquellen und gestalten Sie Ihre Datenansicht. Nahtlose Übertragung von Daten in und aus all Ihren Kommunikationskanälen. Integrieren Sie alle Ihre Datenquellen, um Ihre First-Party Kundendaten in einer Single Customer View zusammen zu bringen und nahtlos mit all Ihren bevorzugten Fulfillment-Tools zu verknüpfen. Erkunden Sie Ihre Transaktionsdaten für ein umfassendes Verständnis Ihrer Zielgruppe.


Customer Data Platform (CDP) für effiziente Datennutzung

... Customer Data Platform (CDP) für effiziente Datennutzung | ...

Segment's Logo


San Francisco, United States

501-1000 Employees


Segment’s libraries, automatic sources, and functions collect data from anywhere—hundreds of thousands of times per second—so you can move it where you need it. Twilio Segment makes it easy for data teams to prepare, enrich, and activate existing data in the warehouse, so marketers can move fast with personalized communication. Build and automatically enrich identity-resolved profiles with every new interaction to better predict and provide relevant customer experiences in real time. Our 450+ pre-built connectors make it fast and easy to get all the data you need into unified customer profiles—and activate those profiles to power the tools you use. Join the 25,000+ companies using the Segment platform. From startups to global enterprises, see what businesses have achieved with the Twilio Segment customer data platform. Learn how you can start connecting your data with Twilio Segment.

Core business

Twilio Segment - Ranked #1 Customer Data Platform for 2021 market share, IDC 2022

... Twilio Segment is a customer data platform (CDP) that helps you collect, ...

Xennexis's Logo


Singapore, Singapore

51-100 Employees


We will get the very best out of your data, creative and strategy to meet your business objectives. SINGAPORE | MALAYSIA | THAILAND | INDONESIA | VIETNAM.


This industry-specific, outcome-driven approach combined with its customer-centric personalization, actionable AI and a fully integrated customer data platform (CDP) — make Emarsys the platform of choice for more than 2,500 companies around the world.

... AI and a fully integrated customer data platform (CDP) — make Emarsys ...

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Amount of fitting manufacturers1323
Amount of suitable service providers1224
Average amount of employees11-50
Oldest suiting company1992
Youngest suiting company2023

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Things to know about Customer Data Platform (CDP)

What is Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is an advanced software system designed to collect, unify, and store vast amounts of customer data from multiple sources in a centralized repository. This consolidated data, which encompasses interactions, behaviors, and transactions, is then made accessible and actionable for businesses. The platform's unique capability to integrate disparate data types – including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data – into a cohesive customer profile, sets it apart from other data management systems. By offering a 360-degree view of the customer, a CDP enables organizations to deliver personalized marketing campaigns, enhance customer experiences, and drive strategic decision-making based on comprehensive insights. Its role within its field is transformative, as it breaks down silos between data sources and departments, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration across marketing, sales, and customer service teams. The impact of a CDP is profound; it not only boosts efficiency and effectiveness in customer engagement strategies but also significantly improves customer satisfaction and loyalty through tailored interactions. As businesses increasingly recognize the value of data-driven decision-making, the adoption of Customer Data Platforms is set to rise, marking a pivotal shift towards more integrated, intelligent, and customer-centric approaches in the digital era.

Advantages of Customer Data Platform (CDP)

1. Unified Customer View
A Customer Data Platform (CDP) integrates data from multiple sources to create a unified customer profile. This comprehensive view enables businesses to understand their customers' behavior, preferences, and journey across different touchpoints, providing a solid foundation for personalized marketing strategies.

2. Enhanced Personalization
With the consolidated data at their fingertips, marketers can tailor their campaigns and messages with a high degree of personalization. This targeted approach not only improves customer engagement but also significantly increases the effectiveness of marketing efforts, driving higher conversion rates and customer loyalty.

3. Real-Time Data Access
CDPs offer the advantage of real-time data access, allowing businesses to respond promptly to customer actions and market changes. This agility ensures that marketing strategies remain relevant and can be adjusted on-the-fly to meet evolving customer needs and preferences.

4. Improved Data Quality and Compliance
By centralizing customer data management, CDPs help in maintaining high data quality and consistency. They also simplify compliance with data protection regulations, as businesses can more easily control and monitor data access, usage, and storage within a single platform.

How to select right Customer Data Platform (CDP) supplier?

1. Data Integration Capabilities
Evaluate the supplier's ability to integrate seamlessly with existing databases and software systems. This feature ensures smooth data flow and accessibility across platforms.

2. Real-time Data Processing
Confirm the platform's capability to process and analyze data in real-time, enabling immediate insights and actions based on customer behavior.

3. Customization and Flexibility
Check for the ability to customize data models and user interfaces to fit specific business requirements and workflows, ensuring the platform can evolve with your business needs.

4. Privacy and Compliance
Ensure the platform adheres to global data protection regulations such as GDPR, providing features for data privacy, consent management, and security measures to protect customer information.

5. Scalability
The platform should be scalable to accommodate growing amounts of data and expanding business operations without significant performance degradation.

6. Support and Training
Assess the level of customer support and training resources available to facilitate smooth implementation and adoption of the platform across your organization.

What are common B2B Use-Cases for Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) serve as a centralized hub for collecting, organizing, and activating customer data across various touchpoints. In the B2B sector, CDPs play a pivotal role in enhancing account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. By creating unified customer profiles, businesses can tailor their marketing efforts to specific accounts, delivering more personalized and effective campaigns. This approach not only improves engagement but also increases the likelihood of conversion by targeting the decision-makers within a company directly. Another significant use case is in improving customer experience and retention. CDPs collect data from multiple sources, providing businesses with a 360-degree view of their customers. This comprehensive insight enables companies to identify customer needs and preferences, anticipate issues, and deliver proactive solutions. As a result, businesses can foster stronger relationships with their clients, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, CDPs facilitate better lead scoring and segmentation. By leveraging the detailed customer profiles created by CDPs, businesses can more accurately score leads based on their likelihood to convert. This precision allows for more effective segmentation, enabling companies to focus their efforts on the most promising prospects. Consequently, businesses can optimize their marketing resources, ensuring they are targeting the right audience with the right message.

Current Technology Readiness Level (TLR) of Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have reached a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), situated at level 9, indicating that they are fully mature and operational technologies. This status is attributed to their comprehensive integration capabilities, robust data management, and advanced analytics features that have been extensively validated in real-world environments. CDPs have evolved significantly, driven by the demand for personalized marketing strategies and the need to consolidate disparate data sources into a unified, accessible repository. The technical maturity of CDPs is further underscored by their ability to seamlessly incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, enhancing customer segmentation, predictive analytics, and automated decision-making processes. These platforms have demonstrated consistent reliability and efficiency in processing large volumes of data from various channels, ensuring data accuracy and enabling organizations to gain deeper insights into customer behavior. The development and refinement of data privacy and security measures within CDPs, in response to global data protection regulations, also reflect their high TRL, ensuring that they not only meet current technological standards but also adhere to stringent compliance requirements.

What is the Technology Forecast of Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

In the short term, Customer Data Platforms (CDP) are expected to evolve with enhanced integration capabilities, facilitating seamless connections with a broader array of data sources and marketing tools. This phase will likely witness the introduction of more sophisticated machine learning algorithms designed to improve the accuracy of customer segmentation and predictive analytics. These advancements aim to empower marketers with deeper insights into consumer behavior, enabling more personalized and effective marketing strategies. Looking into the mid-term, the focus will likely shift towards increased automation and real-time data processing within CDPs. This period may see the emergence of features that automate data hygiene processes, such as the removal of duplicates and the correction of erroneous entries, thereby ensuring data integrity. Additionally, real-time data processing capabilities are anticipated to become a standard feature, allowing businesses to act on insights almost instantaneously. This will significantly enhance the responsiveness of marketing campaigns to changing customer behaviors and market trends. In the long term, Customer Data Platforms are predicted to incorporate advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. These innovations are expected to revolutionize how businesses interact with their data, making CDPs capable of offering actionable insights through conversational interfaces and highly intuitive analytics dashboards. Furthermore, privacy-preserving computation techniques, such as federated learning and differential privacy, are likely to be integrated, addressing growing concerns around data privacy and security. This evolution will not only streamline marketing efforts but also fortify consumer trust in how their data is managed.

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